Soldiers helping flood
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Brace Yourself Britain

Batten down the hatches and brace yourself as news and weather reports across the country are warning that the UK is about to bit hit by severe flooding. If any of you are in any doubt to the validity of this forecast, you may reconsider upon hearing that the army has been dispatched.

If you live along the east coast of the UK will probably be acutely aware of the army standing in position and waiting for the signal to act.

Soldiers helping flood
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It sounds as if the ensuing floods are going to make last year’s devastating floods seem like a puddle. Across England and Wales there are currently 112 flood warnings in place – and 3 of these warnings are categorized as ‘most severe danger to life’. Gulp.

Army helping flood
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Many people who have been outdoors over the last two days will have noticed the unrelenting gales. These gale force winds will cause the high tide waves to carry and surrounding debris, with potentially devastating consequences. The counties named as being especially at risk are Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Counties particularly at risk include Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

People are today being warned of the subsequent risk to homes along the coast, and advised to put sandbags in place.

Furthermore, several areas have been told to evacuate:

1.Tidal River Stour at Mistley – the Quay and The Walls West Mersea,

2.The Strood and nearby marshland.

3.The coast from Clacton to Lee Wick.

4.The population of Jaywick has been evacuated.

5.On the Lincolnshire coast, approximately 3,000 residents have been advised to evacuate.

In Skegness, the army are on hand to evacuate if need be, and along both the east coast and areas in the south west, there is a severe weather warning in place.

And the bad news doesn’t end there…

The remainder of the country ought not breathe a sigh of relief as across the board there is a warning in place for extreme weather involving ice, snow, and strong winds.

The best advice is to stay up-to-date with the latest weather news and flood warnings by listening the latest news broadcasts, or calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

Stay safe!