Nicola Jane Fleur Lace Elegance Bra - £39

Breast cancer and Mastectomy Bra Awareness

When bra shopping we will come face to face with lace, satin, and a whole lot of sexy. For many women that’s good enough, we want to simply put on some nice lingerie and feel sexy. But to some it’s a whole ordeal.

Whilst we’re checking out our reflections in the changing room mirror and worrying whether our cleavage looks right. It probably won’t cross our minds that finding bras to feel sexy isn’t a concern for some. For those that have survived or are surviving breast cancer; those that have undergone mastectomies: their main concern is surviving, and being there for their families.

Until recently it’s almost been considered taboo to talk about what breast cancer does to the body, the burns and the scars. But in recent years social media has allowed many brave women to share their stories and their pictures. They’ve been able to help others to find comfort in their bodies post-mastectomy. And also raising awareness and educating people.

Celebrity influence

This has helped to bring light to the subject of breast cancer and mastectomies. For example in May 2013, Angelina Jolie made headlines following her decision to get a preventative double mastectomy. And has since inspired other women to feel confident in themselves, post-mastectomy. She has also influenced others to take this step for them and their families.

Angelina Jolie

Stella McCartney is possibly as known for her philanthropy as she is for being an established fashion designer. She has used her position as the daughter of a Beatle to not only make a name for herself but to promote charitable organisations. These includes; breast cancer awareness.

Following the death of her mother, Linda Louise McCartney in 1998 – aged just 56. This has been an issue close to her heart, which has lead her to collaborate with photographer Laura Dodsworth to raise awareness of breast cancer and the effects it has on women.

The photo series features 12 women who have survived breast cancer, which has resulted in permanent physical changes to their breasts.

MASTECTOMY breast cancer
Image Source: Huffington Post

The photoset also includes Stella McCartney’s new Louise Listening bra in honour of her mother. It offers support and compression during the post mastectomy healing process. All proceeds from this bra will go towards the Hello Beautiful Foundation.

Louise Listening Bra – £85

Louise Listening Bra - £85

In September, Cara Delevingne joined Stella McCartney to model the Alina Playing Soft Cup Bra for last months Breast Cancer Awareness month.

A percentage of the proceeds from this bra will be donated to the  Linda McCartney Centre in the UK. The National Breast Cancer Foundation in the US and the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia. Both bras are available on her website and in selected department stores.

Alina Playing Soft Cup Bra – £65, Matching Briefs – £35

Cara Delevingne joined Stella McCartney BRA

Delevingne followed in the footsteps of Kate Moss who modelled the Gemma Relaxing mastectomy bra last year.

It’s difficult to imagine the pain breast cancer can bring to people and their families. But having a range of underwear to make women feel more confident and less alone can be a huge comfort to them.

There are also lingerie stores that specifically cater to women post-mastectomy. Such as the very affordable Nicola Jane, who pride themselves in helping women restore their confidence and femininity. Their bras come in a variety of styles including basic cotton to lacey and feminine. Basically the kind of designs you’d expect from any lingerie store, yet all ensure comfort.

Fleur Lace Elegance Bra – £39

Nicola Jane Fleur Lace Elegance Bra - £39

If you want to donate to breast cancer, see the Hello Beautiful Foundation or the Linda McCartney Centre for information.

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