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Why Can’t I Orgasm?

Should you be one of the many people out there who are asking this question – do not despair, FRUK are at hand to save the day (but not literally). According to the latest studies, there are several key reasons why some of us can’t orgasm. In the interest of future satisfaction, read on.

Recent studies conducted at the Mayo Clinic and the Indiana University School of Medicine has shown that inability to achieve the ‘yes’ factor is not simply down to your brain not playing ball. Instead, researchers have concluded it stems from two main points:

1.For Men

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Ever heard of the fight or flight response? Dr. Siegel who was one of the researcher’s involved in the study, informed The Daily Mail newspaper that a man’s ability to orgasm relies on his sympathetic nervous system, that operates the ‘fight or flight’ response. The nervous system plays a vital role by sending relative information to the brain and spinal chord, and penis – then new information is returned from the penis to the brain for further response. Should the nervous system be improperly working, either through injury to the spinal chord or neurochemical problems, and then climaxing becomes a real issue.

2.For Women

A man in bed
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For once women seem to have the easier option. If ladies encounter a problem achieving climax, Dr. Siegel suggests it may just be a case of altering your sexual position – if only we knew!

Dr. Siegel stated: “The clitoris during sex tends to migrate towards the vaginal wall.”

During the study, researchers actually taking MRI’s of couples’ having sex, and from this were able to ascertain that the doggy style wasn’t as effective at arousing the vaginal wall as the front ‘entry’. Now the missionary position doesn’t seem so boring.

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If you wish to be anal about achieving climax, apparently entering the vagina at a 30-45 degree angle is optimum for orgasmic fun. Also, should any guys be reading this – penis size has absolutely no relevance when it comes to a woman climaxing.

The best advice is that by mixing up our sexual positions we can have the best time, every time.