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Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways To Simplify Your Morning Routine

Are you one of those people who seem to wake up, rush frantically about, and run out the door ten minutes too late, only to run back in a few minutes later to retrieve your keys or phone? Do you never have enough time in the morning? Do not panic! Here are 7 sure-fire ways to ensure your morning runs more smoothly than the Queen’s daily routine ever could.

A diary/planner

1. Preparation is key

Make sure you have as much as possible prepared for the morning. By choosing your outfit, arranging your hair accessories and make-up, and packing your bag with any essentials, you will be saving yourself valuable morning time.

Alarm clock
Alarm clock

2. Get up extra-early

Not many of us are morning people, however you will be surprised at how easily your body clock can adapt into a new routine. If you really struggle to wake up and get motivated, try setting your alarm clock an hour earlier. That extra time will transform your nightmare morning rush into a time of peaceful preparation.

3. Plan a schedule/routine

Write out a time-plan of action for each working day of the week. Place it on your fridge and try to keep following it. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much stress and wasted time is saved using this simple technique.

Ipod, 5th generation
Music to motivate you

4.Listen to some of your favourite tunes.

Listening to music will not only aid your motivation, but also put you in a good mood.

various juices
Juice in the morning

5. Drink juice!

The night before, make yourself a fruit smoothie, and place in the fridge for the morning. Try using orange juice, cranberries, and blueberries. Not only are these fruits packed with antioxidants, but also they will give you a refreshing and much-needed energy boost to help you throughout the day.

woman exercising in the morning
Morning exercise

6. Exercise

Spend ten minutes doing some exercise. You will amaze at how a little exercise will revitalise you. Exercise not only raises your metabolism and energy levels, but also increases serotonin (the feel-good factor in your brain). Spending a short amount of time exercising will mentally and physically benefit you.

7. Have a glass of water

This simple step is often ignored or overlooked. By drinking a glass of fresh cold water, you are detoxifying and revitalising your system, so you will be raring to go!