Cheat Your Way To An Hourglass Figure

It’s Hard ! Squats, lunges and corsets aside “how do you get that sexy Hourglass Figure that most men are attracted to?! That was the feedback on my recent ‘Big Butt’ feature. This stated that not only research has revealed that there are mind, body and health benefits to big butts; but also, studies show that men’s attraction to an Hourglass Figure is rooted in evolution. So it really is a matter of survival of the fittest! There’s no easy way to get a bigger bum because butts are largely dependent on heredity. (So maybe you can blame your mum or even your gran for that flat rear, after all)!

But don’t panic! If you just haven’t got the genes, time and discipline to get that sexy silhouette then you can always…cheat! Yes that’s right cheat! After all they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that bodes well for better butt projection. Men are “visual” creatures so all you need to do is create the illusion of an hourglass figure and get noticed. As long as you look like you have a smaller waist. Historically the hourglass illusion was achieved by corsets paired with bustles, panniers, hoop petticoats; and even cage crinoline with rings of steel which then gave way to menstrual belts, puff ball and A-line skirts. By emphasising the contrast between your waist and both your top and bottom; this will accentuate the top and bottom of your body; so its job done! Isn’t all that consigned to fashion history now?

Fooling the eye into thinking that women have smaller waists, emphasising their curves was one of the main trends in 2014. And Stella McCartney was at the fore promoting this style and experimenting with different designs. Kate moss and Kate Winslet were among the celebrities to try and trick people with the dress and guess what?! It worked! We have the best ways you too can trick others with our high-street picks using different styles and techniques!

Geo-Metrical Illusions

deep v neck hourglass dress

The position and the use of diverse cuts and lines create the prominent shape which creates the illusion of an hourglass figure; a smaller waist and a larger bottom and top half.  The deep v-neck not only help accentuate the right areas of the body but are also on-trend.

Mesh and Match Your Tone

mesh dress

Using mesh is one of the best ways to emphasise curves and bring in the waist. It allows for the body shape to look more natural as it makes use of your natural skin tone.

Different Shapes, Shades and fabrics

monochrome dress

The Use of various textures, fabrics, shapes and shades based on the same principles of emphasising the lower and upper areas of the body. And also minimising the waist is another way to give you that hourglass figure! This dress makes use of crochet which was a major trend this summer and a must this season!

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