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Check Out How Celebrities Prepare For The Oscar Award Ceremony

This Sunday, the star-studded Oscar ceremony will be packed with A-listers who will have spent weeks preparing for the event. Looking incredible is in their job description so pre-Oscar treatments are a must.

We all know and feel the pain of choosing the perfect outfit. For the A-listers, finding the ideal outfit for Oscar night is imperative. However, if you happen to be a star, it is equally if not more important to ensure your skin is so radiant you could be mistaken for a Disney princess. If you’ve ever wondered how the A-listers achieve this fairytale beauty, read on.

Jennifer lawrence
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The following must-have red-carpet treatments enjoyed by celebrities pre-Oscar award ceremony will ensure they look fabulous on the biggest night of the year. These are both new and established celebrity-adored treatments from the winners and highly commended clinics from the recent Aesthetics Awards (dubbed the Oscars of the trade awards, their groundbreaking red carpet treatments lead the way).

1.Stefanie Williams, Eudelo, Ultimate 360-degree Red Carpet Plan

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One of the most popular celebrity treatments is Dr. Stefanie Williams’ Ultimate 360-degree Red Carpet Plan and begins 3 weeks before the event. The three-week treatment plan commences with a 4D Laser Facial to stimulate collagen production, whilst breaking apart troublesome pigmentation.

The Carboxy Facial which is administered at two weeks prior to Oscar night, will complement the 4D Laser Facial. This is done by injecting minuscule amounts of carbon dioxide into the skin. The ingenious process causes the skin to open up blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow and an instantaneous surge of nutrients to the treated areas. The result is radiant luminosity.

The final week involves Eudelo’s ‘Fit Skin Forever Facilitator’, which includes a gentle chemical peel and advanced hydro-microdermabrasion. This all-singing, all-dancing procedure provides a whole host of incredible benefits using a Hydrofacial machine and includes lymphatic drainage.

The day before, a soothing collagen mask is applied to complete the three-week plan, with lasting effects for the after-party, and beyond. London

2.Lee Garrett – The Garrett Clinic – Kleresca Glow in the Dark Facial

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This revolutionary treatment is now available in London. It is specially designed to stimulate and improve the skin’s appearance, and will provide exceptionally clear, glowing and radiant skin, whilst significantly reducing the appearance of lines and even wrinkles!

For optimum wrinkle reducing results, the facial should be performed once per week for four weeks.

The procedure involves a special light conversion system, which deeply penetrates the skin to trigger the production of collagen. The result is a fully rejuvenated complexion in a crazy 9 minutes. No wonder Lee has such a long list of celebrity clients! London

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