Charlotte tilbury dry mask
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Check Out This Year’s New Beauty Must-Haves

The beauty obsessive’s wish list for 2017 are gorgeous, new products that make us look ever more radiant in even less time, and this year our fave brands haven’t failed to impress. Check out our selection of the finest new products you will be desperate to get your hands on.

1.Milk Makeup Blur Stick, £30,

Milk makeup stick
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There’s no need to photoshop your pics as this oh-so magical blur stick will wipe away any previous evidence of fine lines, imperfections and enlarged pores. The product is clear, leaving no trace of application (other than your fabulously flawless skin, even during the dreaded PMT days). Awesome!

2.La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Moisturiser, £16, Amazon

We love it when our well-loved and trusted brands bring out a new product, because the odds are, it’s going to be damn good. Thanks to 5 years of extensive research, La Roch-Posay have just launched an actual probiotic moisturiser. The ‘good’ bacteria now can repair the outside as well – ensuring that your skin barrier remains in optimum condition, thus achieving ultimate radiance. Fruk Loves!

3.Becca First Light Priming Filter, £32, Space NK

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Becca is known for providing fantastic primers, and their latest is nothing short of outstanding. This primer ticks all the boxes to guarantee your finished look will appear nothing short of sheer luminosity. This primer is good enough to wear without added makeup coverage.

4.Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, Harvey Nichols

Charlotte tilbury dry mask
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`Fruk adore sheet masks, so we feel it is vital to mention Charlotte Tilbury’s latest mask, that’s making its way to the UK for March. This mask works is by firstly applying the mask, massaging your skin for a few moments and then sitting back and waiting for the magic to begin. The highly beneficial ingredients are then absorbed into the skin and, wow! Expect full hydration, rejuvenation and pampered TLC. You can even reuse this product.

5.First Aid Beauty Hello FAB 3 In 1 Superfruit Colour-Correcting Cushion, £28.83, Sephora

Fab 3 in 1
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We are all for any product that can save us time whilst delivering excellent results, and this colour correcting cushion does just that. With all the necessary corrective colours together in one cushion (kind of like a contour/highlight stick) you can swiftly blot out redness, brighten up, and even out skin tone, in less time than it takes to apply a duo lipstick. Furthermore, this incredible product offers exceptional skin benefits by including well researched and complexion-saving super fruits. Hooray!

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