Kylie Jenner No Make Up

Confidence Is The Best Make Up

This is dedicated to all those celebrities who show their true confidence as they embrace social media without any make up. To clarify, make-up for most of us is used as a security blanket or as a tool to enhance features rather than to change a face completely. With the constant updates on visual media surrounding each of us, we may feel pressurized to keep up to a certain level of presentation 24/7. Yet obviously the images we see around us of celebrities are altered, and even if they aren’t we know that they don’t look like that all the time! Here are some pictures of familiar faces who have embraced the no make-up look and to be honest, their confidence has brought out their beauty even more.

Kylie Jenner Bare Faced Selfie On Snapchat
Kylie Jenner Bare Faced Selfie On Snapchat

If you have Kylie Jenner on Snapchat, you will notice she often uploads selfies without make up. Although she has had lip fillers and eyelash extensions which some could class as cheating the ‘no make up’, she still shows us that without even her minimal every day products she is fresh faced and confident. The key  to this confidence is definitely good skin and a smile! You need to look after your skin to avoid looking tired or worn out, and to keep your blemishes minimal. This can be done by drinking plenty of water and having a healthier diet of fresh foods.

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Gigi Hadid No Make Up Selfie

One of the most popular models of 2016- Gigi Hadid is not hesitant to upload a picture of herself without make up.

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Demi Lovato No Makeup Selfie

So this is one of my favorites, Demi Lovato is the queen of self confidence. In this picture she lets her freckles shine through – and without make up she looks happier and far more comfortable than ever. I mean after releasing a song called ‘Confident’ she would of course be the first to encourage girls to embrace their natural looks!

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Shakira No Make Up Selfie

39 year old Shakira has not let the stress of becoming  a working mother show on her face. She confidently uploaded this selfie and shows us that she is not afraid to show her natural face. We love her natural look and a smile really is the best thing a girl can wear!

So lets face it people, the main point is to EMBRACE the face and remind yourself that as long as you have your confidence, no one should be able to wipe the beauty off your natural face. Confidence is your best make up!


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