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Are You Considering A Lip Tattoo?

People spent years being envious of Angelina Jolie’s full lips, until Kylie Jenner’s perfect pout created by fillers, suddenly made the fantasy feature accessible. Now lip tattoos are causing a stir, and we have seen some amazing results. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Lip Tattoos Do Not Create Full Lips

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This treatment is great for providing definition and to enhance your lips so they appear fuller. However, tattooing your lips will not actually add to their size. Someone with thin lips, desiring a Kylie Jenner pout would also need filler.

2.Lip Colour May Not Last

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You can get a shade that is very similar to your own lip colour, but the downside to this is that it will not last very long. The general rule is that a natural looking colour will require a top up more frequently. This might be once or twice each year.

3.Lip Tattoos Are Painful- Let’s face it; the pain stakes are fairly high whether you opt for a lip filler or tattoo. That said, a lip tattoo would take longer. Who was it that said, ‘No pain, no gain’? It is important to remember that the pain is short-lived, and it is worth it for the end result.

4.Healing Time

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A lip liner tattoo takes about 10-12 days to heal. Once swelling has reduced, the lips become chapped/crusty, and dry for at least a week. Therefore, it’s not a great idea to pursue the procedure when you have a busy schedule.

5.It Doesn’t Always Work

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Should you have a darker skin tone, there’s a good chance the treatment might not be effective as it could lead to hyper-pigmentation.

Cold Sores- Should you suffer from a cold sore, you must take preventative treatment as the needle can stimulate a cold sore attack – that would be one costly cold sore!

Tattoo Removal Is Painful And Pricey- Lip liner tattoos can only be removed by laser treatment – and in case you were wondering, that costs a pretty packet too! To avoid disappointment, ensure you do your research and visit a good practitioner.


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