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Could There Be A Cure For Cancer?

For many years we have prayed for a cure for cancer. There were 8,651 new cases of leukemia in 2012, and in the same year this awful disease caused 4,807 deaths. However, a revolutionary new treatment has been shown to be so successful, there is now a real possibility we can wipe out this terrible degenerative disease for good.

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The treatment involves genetically modified blood being altered to become a living drug, of which is then injected back into the patient. These genetically engineered cells then act like our very own internal secret service, that literally goes on a rampage, tracking down, and killing the cancer cells. Not only this, but there is a very strong chance this process will then prevent any further cancer from returning. This is due to the living drug being constantly on the lookout for any sign of recurrence of the disease. Scientists say that this treatment is very close to becoming available to everyone.

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Last year lukewarm patient Baby Layla Richards was one of the first people to be given this T-cell immunotherapy, which is created by the body’s own cells. The procedure was successful, destroying her leukemia. Since then, two breakthrough studies have demonstrated the hugely successful possibilities this treatment can offer. One study revealed that 94% of terminally ill patients experienced total eradication of the disease. The results of the other study suggested that the treatment could last up to 14 years, which of course means the potential of a complete cure.

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This landmark cancer therapy utilises the body’s own immune cells to effectively destroy metastatic tumours (cancer that has spread). At present the treatment focuses on patients with terminal blood cancer and who have a very short life expectancy. Unbelievably remarkable improvements were seen in patients who had been unsuccessful in every other treatment. However, given the early days of the trial, and the fact that a few patients did in fact experience lethal side-reactions and died, cancer professionals warn people to remain cautious for the time being. Nevertheless, the overall outcome offers fresh hope for leukemia patients, whilst paving the way for promising treatment of cancer in the near future.

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