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Too hot to handle

Could These Non-Surgical Procedures Be Destroying Your Looks?

An increasing amount of ladies in their twenties are taking extreme risks in the pursuit of beauty. The availability of non-cosmetic procedures and indirect endorsements by favourite celebs has caused a surge in beauty-mania. Many clinics offer cheaper rates for performing seemingly credible beauty procedures – however the results can be devastating, and sometimes irreversible.

You may be surprised to learn how these very popular treatments can seriously damage your face.


Would you risk it?

You only have to flick through your fave magazine or browse the Internet to see at least one of your much-loved celebs sporting an extra large pout. This is also the reason for many of us requesting lip fillers in the pursuit of perfection. There are several potential problems with this procedure. You could have an allergic reaction, which will make your mouth look worse than Sylvester Stallone’s mother, lol. Additionally, be wary if choosing a clinic whereby you can have the treatment at a reduced rate – there may be a good reason it’s cheaper. You may trust an unqualified beautician with your one and only face. The results are often devastating, with uneven lips, lumps, or a pout which resembles a trout! Do your research before taking the leap.


Whilst laser hair removal remains the most effective treatment for unwanted hair, it is a very costly procedure that is performed over several months. Be extremely careful when choosing a clinic, as unqualified physicians can cause irreversible damage to the skin.


Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is another potentially harmful treatment. which is often used unnecessarily. Following in the footsteps of the rich and famous, many ladies become obsessive with their looks and turn to Botox for crow’s feet (lines around the eyes). Many clinics offer Botox at lower prices. This can be a disaster waiting to happen, as there are many unqualified beauticians happy to perform the treatment. Moreover, some clinics will treat their clients with Botox B, a cheaper and less effective version that often causes complications such as droopy eyelids. Even if you are getting the correct Botox treatment, overuse will have you looking like Barbie doll reject before you know it!

4.  Tanning Salons

tanning bed in use
Too hot to handle

A recent documentary revealed an undercover investigation into the credibility of tanning salons. The findings show a shocking number of high-street tanning salons are providing harmful and illegal UV rays from their sunbeds. Tests proved that some sunbeds gave more than 4 times the legal level of UV rays. These tanning studios offer a nice tan with a side order of skin Cancer!

5.  Permanent makeup

The trend for having permanent eyebrows tattooed onto the skin seems to be ever growing. However, in the wrong hands this can cause lifelong distress. There has been increasing reports of ladies having asymmetrical eyebrows permanently tattooed on their skin. Make sure you find a reputable clinic, and always check the practionner’s credentials.

6. Fillers

Fillers such as Restylane are injectables, which plump up the face, thus reducing unwanted fine lines. This is an hugely popular procedure amongst many people in their twenties and thirties. There is a massive market for cosmetic injectables, and unfortunately at present in the Uk, they are not a prescription-only product. This allows for people to buy the products from dodgy outlets, including the Internet. The results can be both dangerous and unsightly, particularly if the filler is permanent.

Image sources: Google images, www.fushionhairtherapy.ca, www.wikimedia.org

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