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Dating Websites That Go The Extra Mile

With over half of the population using dating websites, there is a vast choice of sites from which to choose. Now it is unbelievably easy to find that special someone. What about if you want more from your dating website without worrying you are going to hook up with a complete freak? Sure there are dating sites that specialise in finding your perfect soul mate.

How about the times when you are lonely in an unfamiliar town, and just want some company on your night out? What about the times you feel like simply having a bit of fun? Instead of surfing through and registering several websites for each personal mission, now you can register with one awesome site that caters for all your date night wishes, whilst carefully filtering out the weirdoes you may otherwise have ended up with. Check out these amazing sites that are guaranteed to make your social life so much better.


Love dating site
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Lovoo is one of the best dating sites around, due to the fact that it aims to help you to resolve a multitude of problems, such as finding company at short notice, helping you to seek out a likeminded date, or even assisting your discovery of that special someone. Lovoo’s special live radar app allows you to see what’s happening around you in real time. The awesome free app also allows you to connect with people in your vicinity at a moments’ notice.


Lovestruck dating
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This is an excellent app for people who live or work in London and who are looking for a date in their lunch hour or after work. Simply type in your area and you can find another member at the same tube station. Job done!


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DatingDirect provides singles nights and events, enabling members the chance to get to know each other a little better.