End of Summer Ready Made Cocktails

Delicious End of Summer Ready Made Cocktails

These last days of sunshine calls for a real celebration. So we are highlighting some brilliant ready to drink cocktails to end summer with a bang. Whether fruity or cbd infused, we’ve got you covered, from the classics to a variety of interesting ready made canned options. Here are our top end of summer cocktails to enjoy now that will surely have you wishing for a few more months of warm weather.

Funkin Ready To Drink Pina Colada x6, £42.00

Funkin Ready To Drink Pina Colada x6, £42.00

Funkin range of ready to drink pre-mixed cocktails includes; Passion Fruit Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri plus more. But one of our favourite end of summer treat is this tasty Pina Colada cocktail. Delivers a vibrant flavour and velvety-smooth texture of a cocktail crafted at the bar. Plus it’s vegan friendly and gluten free. This can easily become your favourite drink to pack for all of your seasonal picnics and dinner parties.

Mogul & Dram Whisky Soda, 12x330ml, £35.40

This highball style cocktail straight from the can will take you to the tropical islands with its refreshing citrusy flavour. Offering sweet and sour taste of grapefruit infused with fine Scotch whisky that will bring your taste buds alive. A modern twist best served chilled. Also vegan, gluten free, contains natural flavours and has no preservatives.

Fountain Mango, 12x330ml, £25.00

This new and improved mango hard seltzer from Fountain is juicy with a spicy twist. Tastes like sunshine in a can. Crafted from clean, fermented alcohol with no wines or spirits added. Also contains no sweeteners and sugar. Your socially distanced brunch plans just got easier!

Little Rick Raspberry Lemonade x frukmagazine cocktail

Little Rick Raspberry Lemonade, 12x330ml, £24.99

Refresh your pallet with a splash of Raspberry and Sicilian Lemon fruit juice blended with a flavour of hemp. This natural recipe contains low calorie blend of British beet sugar and natural plant-based sweeteners to give you a truly enjoyable drink all year round!

Gerry’s Pineapple + Coconut Rum Seltzer, 10x330ml, £24.99

What better way to end summer 2021 than with this lighter take on the Caribbean classic Pina Colada. Get ready to bring the beach party vibes to your next meet-ups with none of the calories. Also 100% vegan, gluten free and no artificial flavours

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