Diamond whites white edition tooth polish
Credit: diamond whites.co.uk

Diamond Whites And The Breath Co. Will Keep Your Pearlies Perfect Wherever You Are!

Do you look in the mirror and wish there was a Hollywood smile gleaming back at you? With Diamond Whites White Edition Mint Tooth Polish, now you can achieve those pearly whites, whilst actually freshening breath and improving your gum health!

A perfect smile can transform your appearance and your confidence. Diamond Whites White Edition Mint Tooth Polish will enable that much sought after smile without having to reach for your filter app.

Tooth whitening pastes and strips are now a booming business. However, many of these often include abrasive formulas in their tooth whitening gels and strips, that can cause damage to the enamel and tooth sensitivity – leaving you wishing you could reverse time to when your teeth were a little yellow but you could still eat an ice cream without wincing! Diamond Whites has created a non-abrasive formula your gnashers will love!

What Causes Yellowing/Tooth Staining?

Diamond whites white edition tooth polish
Credit: diamond whites.co.uk

The problem with our pearlies is that the enamel that provides the whiteness, does not remain that way forever. Over time, microscopic cracks and damage to the enamel causes the staining process to ensue. Furthermore, underneath the enamel is a layer of dentine, of which is naturally yellow in colour. As the enamel wears away, the yellow dentine becomes more prevalent. Add this to the years of tea, coffee and red wine consumption and your teeth end up looking more like a minion than the gleaming white we once knew and loved.

Why Choose Diamond Whites?

Diamond Whites White Edition Mint Tooth Polish is simple, quick and oh-so easy to use.

Simply dip your toothbrush into the powder and brush in gentle circular motions. Et voila – you can start to see the results almost immediately.

This super product achieves a sparkly smile of which you will be proud, will freshen your breath to a super minty standard and support your gums, ensuring your mouth remains in tip-top condition and health. Hurray!

The Breath Co. Range

the breathco dry mouth rinse
Credit: thebreathco

There’s nothing worse than avoiding that perfect summer festival kiss because you haven’t been able to brush your teeth for-like-ever! Should you be planning a summer festival or well-deserved holiday, don’t forget to take with you everything you need to keep you mouth looking and smelling it’s best.

The Breath Co. offers an incredible range of travel products to ensure you stay minty fresh and at your best. Their collection provides the world’s first Dry Mouth Rinse to combine
natural flower derivatives and
moisturisers, as well as chewing gum, a toothpaste, oral rinses & lozenges.

The Breath Co. Mouth Wetting Lozenges will guarantee your summer festival remains fabulous to the end.

These work in 3 simple steps:

The breath co lozenges
Credit: thebreathco

1. The citrus mint formula quickly destroys any unpleasant flavours and
odors in your mouth.
2. The clinical strength powers of Zinc, Oxygen and Xylitol work by attacking the germs
that cause bad breath.
3. The key mouth wetting agent promotes saliva production, thus staving off an irksome dry mouth.

The Breath Co. Fresh Breath Dry Mouth Lozenges Mandarin Mint are £9 at

 Diamond Whites White Edition Mint Tooth Polish is priced at £14.99

To view and buy Diamond Whites White Edition Mint Tooth Polish visit: http://www.diamondwhites.co.uk

Or visit any Superdrug store.


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