Goldfaden Brightening elixir
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Discover Dr. Goldfaden MD’s Brand New Brightening Elixir

Since its recent launch, Dr. Goldfaden’s Brightening Elixir has been flying off the shelves. The extensively researched formula combines carefully selected and natural ingredients to ensure your complexion remains bright and radiant, whilst receiving the ultimate in protection and repair.

The team here at FRUK could not wait to try it. Read on to find out why Dr. Goldfaden MD Brightening Elixir truly deserves a place in your treasured beauty cabinet.

1.Includes Ascorbic Acid (Highest Quality Vitamin C)

Goldfaden Brightening elixir
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Dr. Goldfaden’s luxury product contains an array of natural ingredients of the highest quality, to give your skin a powerful skincare boost. The Brightening Elixir offers Ascorbic acid – a component highly regarded by skincare experts for its exceptional anti-aging and antioxidant benefits for the skin.

This ingredient is precisely formulated to create younger and firmer looking skin. Within a week of using this product, you will begin to notice a more even skin tone, and a deeply hydrated and revitalised complexion.

2.Treat, Repair, And Renew

This incredible component can be used to eradicate pollutants that invade the skin. When applied to skin imperfections or spots, Ascorbic acid will clear the complexion and commence the repair process.

3.A Powerful Combination

Goldfaden brightening elixir
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Ascorbic acid is proven to be even more potent when combined with other antioxidants, and that is just what Dr. Goldfaden has achieved with his Brightening Elixir. Providing an exact percentage of vital antioxidants, the formula succeeds in delivering optimum results, whilst remaining suitable to all skin types (including people with sensitive or post-surgical skin).

4.A serum In A Class Of Its Own

Unlike other serums, this unique product offers Vitamins B3, B5, and Vitamin E – ensuring this serum goes the extra mile to guarantee incredible results for your complexion. The reason being is that these ingredients provide a surge of antioxidants that further treat and protect your skin. Forget worrying about car fumes, city smog, the sun, or any other environmental aggressor that has it in for your skin. These precious antioxidants successfully protect your visage by binding with free radicals before they can do any damage.

Furthermore, these antioxidants deliver anti-inflammatory support to thwart the process of skin-aging, reduce redness, and can even lessen the appearance of pesky fine lines with ease!

The huge advantages of these ingredients don’t end there: Vitamin B3, B5, and E work together with the Ascorbic Acid to deliver added skin brightening, firming, and hydrating results.

The natural ingredients in Dr. Goldfaden MD Brightening Elixir nurture the complexion whilst providing a significantly noticeable improvement to the skin. Fruk loves this serum!

For optimum results use this serum in conjunction with both an exfoliator and an SPF.

To treat spots, dab onto problematic areas.

Dr. Goldfaden MD Brightening Elixir is priced at £70.

To buy this or any of Dr Goldfaden’s skincare range visit:


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