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Discover Incredible Results With Lucia Magnani’s Revitalizing Bio Cellulose Mask

Lucia Magnani has developed an innovative Italian skincare regime, of which is based on the most advanced scientific research in the dermatological field. These outstanding products blend physics with biology to create optimal health and beauty.

We tested (and were amazed) at the Rejuvenating Eye Cream and could not wait to try the new Bio Cellulose Mask, launching April 2018.

Should you be searching for fast and highly effective results, we recommend you go out and bag yourself this new face mask by Lucia Magnani. Combining extensively researched and hugely beneficial skin-transforming ingredients, within 20 minutes this little gem will literally deliver an intense infusion of hydration and regeneration for your complexion. The Revitalizing Mask works like a dream, achieving a fresh, youthful and fully revitalised appearance.

Included in this mask are proven natural components such as:

1.Red Algae Extract

lucia magnani skincare

Bursting with minerals, red algae extract successfully re-balances the skin’s moisture levels. Providing powerful antioxidant protection, this must-have ingredient is proven to support the skin’s barrier function.

2.Amino Acid Blend

Lucia Magnani’s precise amino acid formula ensures vital moisture levels are locked in to provide ongoing hydration and support to skin cells.

3.Hyaluronic Acid

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Hyaluronic acid offers necessary hydration, enhances collagen production and aids in skin regeneration and support.

4.Water Melon, Lentil and Apple Fruit Extract

These highly beneficial ingredients are specifically combined due to the fact that they immediately soak deep into the skin’s layers, quickly hydrating and rejuvenating; thus, unveiling a youthful and radiant complexion.

Whether you want to hide the fact that you only had 4 hours sleep, want to look and feel your best for the date you have been trying to get (for-like-ever), or simply want to treat yourself to incredible skincare -this miracle mask works so well it truly feels as if it came straight from heaven.

lucia magnani face mask

The new mask aids in reducing lines around the eyes, creating a revitalised and youthful complexion. Within minutes, it effectively brightens, plumps and adds unbelievable luminosity!

You will be relieved to discover that once applied, there is no irksome leakage of ingredients or movement of the mask – it just feels like cool pampered bliss for you to enjoy.

What is Bio Cellulose?

“Bio Cellulose is a natural fermented fibre and is 1000 times thinner than human hair. The superfine fibre is an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to fibres produced through commercial manufacturing processes.”

(Lucia Magnani)

Bio Cellulose is derived from the fermentation of pure sugar cane, making this an unrivalled skincare treatment.

How does the Lucia Magnani Revitalizing Bio Cellulose Face Mask work?

The hydrophilic and permeable membrane contains a high amount of oxygen and Rejuvenating Serum, offering exceptional adhesion qualities to ensure the mask contours perfectly to the face. The outcome is optimal delivery of superior ingredients into the skin.

Providing outstanding cooling and soothing properties, this mask significantly improves the skin’s appearance.

The Revitalizing Bio Cellulose Face Mask (1 sheet) is priced at £45.

Revitalizing Bio Cellulose Face Mask (4 sheets) is priced at £165.

Our Final Thoughts:

This mask far exceeds the results of any other mask we have tested previously. You may consider the mask a little pricey at £45, but in this case you honestly get what you pay for – 100% effective and therefore totally worth the investment. The skin looks firmer, plumper and rejuvenated. In particularly, there is a visible improvement to crow’s feet and the eye area appears significantly firmer. These are mega-impressive results from a mask. Our advice is to save it for that special date or when you want to look and feel really incredible.

Outcome: we Love, Love, Love!

For optimal results use in conjunction with other incredible skincare from the Lucia Magnani collection.

This mask is available to buy from April 2018 from Harrods and online at

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