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Discover Skimono Bio Cellulose Face Masks

Give your skin the TLC it deserves with the incredible Skimono Beauty Face Masks. Taking inspiration from Asian beauty trends, this London-based brand offers targeted solutions for specific concerns. Whether you are worried about aging, been in the sun for too long, or just need some exceptional nourishment, these Bio Cellulose face masks are the answer to your prayers.

We checked out their incredible Anti-Ageing and After Sun Masks and we are seriously impressed!

1.Skimono Beauty Face Mask For Anti-Ageing, £44.99 (Pack of 4),


This Skimono Face Mask offers a targeted solution to environmental pollution, sun damage and stress – all of which cause the dreaded signs of aging!

The bio-cellulose mask provides tightly woven crystallinity fibres to fit like a second skin to every contour of the face. Utilising a three-dimensional matrix structure, richly soaked in unique and outstanding serum, it offers optimal absorption by the skin.

Included in this serum is an array of rejuvenating actives that work in unison to replenish collagen and elastin levels, thus creating a firmer, even-toned and smoother looking complexion.

Key Benefits:

Oat and Grape Seed Extract:

Oat is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making this a great component for dull and sensitive skin as well aiding in the defence against environmental stressors and free radical damage.

Grape seed extract is included due the fact that it is brimming with skin-loving benefits. Sourced within the seed extract are Bio-flavonoids – potent antioxidants that effectively protect the skin from premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles caused by free radical damage.

Resveratrol, found in this fantastic ingredient, is an antioxidant of which you should remember. This component combats harm from oxidation, pollution and UV rays; therefore, it is hugely beneficial for the skin.

Furthermore, resveratrol will promote collagen production as well as reduce cell damage, ensuring your complexion looks totally radiant and youthful. Seriously, is there anything this antioxidant can’t do?

This biosynthetic mask enables the skin to breathe whilst its superior ingredients get to work. Within half an hour fine lines and uneven texture is diminished, unveiling a beautiful complexion of radiant luminosity.

Free from parabens and toxins.

2.Skimono After Sun Bio cellulose Face Mask, £44.99 (Pack of 4)


The Beauty Face Mask for After Sun is a bespoke targeted treatment that deals with the unwanted effects of sun damage.

Combining the wonder ingredients aloe vera, cucumber and edelweiss, this mask provides an instantaneous calming, cooling and soothing properties for skin that has been exposed to long periods of sun exposure. Included are specific antioxidants and vitamins that offer rich hydration, whilst relieving and repairing dry and damaged skin.

The After Sun biosynthetic mask allows skin to breathe, and within 30 minutes you will discover a fully revitalised and glowing complexion. Dryness, redness and sensitivity are greatly reduced. Should you be planning your holidays, this mask is a must-have for your beauty bag – and if the weather continues to improve, the mask will be a great addition for all of us in the UK, too!

Free from parabens and toxins.

Skimono offer a range of amazing face masks, including Intense Nourishment (perfect for that super-pampered feeling).

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