Discover The Perfect Present With Our Beauty Christmas Gift Guide

The countdown to festive cheer and Bailey’s infused merriment has begun. No, we aren’t talking about the anticipation of hearing those jingly bells – we are, of course, referring to the commencement of our Christmas guides. We have compiled some of this year’s most outstanding beauty products to ensure your loved ones are looking and feeling nothing short of fabulous. Read on to discover some of the best beauty Christmas gift ideas around.

1.Elixseri Opening Act, £76 (30ml),


Fancy a serum that not only works hard whilst you sleep but also optimises the efficiency of any other serum you apply? Elixseri’s Opening Act is bursting with resurfacing actives that successfully sweep away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal an ‘Oh my God my face is petal-soft’ complexion by morning. Warning – you may end up keeping this gift!

2.Inner Sense RESET Beauty Potentiating Facial Elixir, £52,


This natural facial elixir is the perfect present for your friend, sister, aunt or mother. The advanced formula is crammed with super-strength antioxidants and nutrients to prohibit the effects of pollutants and stress. RESET provides your skin with the necessary hydration and nourishment needed to keep your complexion fully protected and looking incredible! This gift would make anyone feel pampered.

3.Kneipp Herbal Bath Cold Season Crystals (Eucalyptus), £9.95, Kneipp Lavender Balancing Herbal Bath Oil, £8.49,


Should your loved one be susceptible to dreaded winter bugs, treat him/her to these two fabulous products by Kneipp and let their bath time transform their body, mind and spirit. Kneipp’s Cold Crystals combine eucalyptus essential oil to provide much needed relief to respiratory problems, targeting cold symptoms and warding off future viruses. Meanwhile the Lavender Balancing Oil offers a bath flooded with the intensive therapeutic benefits lavender brings to effectively calm, soothe and uplift; thus, ensuring the chaos of Christmas is tackled with ease.

4.Men-U Toiletry Bags, £14.95,

men-u toiletry bag

This Christmas treat your fella to his own Men-U Toiletry Bag. whether you decide to jet off for a romantic weekend, visit the in-laws or stay at home during the festive season, this stylish toiletry bag is a must-have for your man. The bag features a strong zip closure, offers a splash-proof canvas outer and water-resistant inner, with a separate internal compartment (so his toothbrush is kept safely apart). Efficient and snazzy – we like!

Available in colours: blue/red/white, grey/blue/yellow and black/green/blue.

5.L’Occitane Luxury Advent Calendar, £89,


l'occitan luxury advent calendar

Make sure this year’s run-up to Christmas is super special by gifting someone this Luxury Advent Calendar. Including award-winning and most popular items, whoever receives the calendar will certainly feel well-loved (and spoilt).

6.Oxygenetix Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix, £55 (50ml),


Do you know someone who regularly undergoes non-surgical procedures such as laser or skin rejuvenation, or perhaps someone whom suffers with acne? Should this be the case, Oxygenetix Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix will be the ideal present for Christmas. Suitable for all skin types, this moisturiser can be used immediately after any procedure and combines extensively researched and proven ingredients to successfully quicken the healing process whilst allowing the skin to breathe. Furthermore, it contains vital antioxidants and antibacterial properties to further aid in soothing and in the prevention of infections. Fruk Loves Oxygenetix!

7.Philip Kingsley preen Cream (£19.50 for 100ml) And Finishing Touch Hairspray, £10,


Should your loved one always be on the lookout for amazing haircare, these two products by Philip Kingsley will make their Christmas. The ultra-lightweight Preen Cream provides fine (and dry) hair with a frizz-free and glossy finish. Philip Kingsley’s Finishing Touch Hairspray is an innovative formula of which combines ‘high-tech, strong-hold polymers’ that offer super-strength without weighing down your hair. The result is a gorgeously flawless hairstyle every time (and you won’t need to reapply any product for hours). The almost invisible spray, together with the Preen Cream will literally transform your locks so they look absolutely amazing with minimal effort required. Yay!

8.Sensse Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush, £39.99, Amazon


If there’s one beauty tool that everyone should own it is the Cleansing Brush by Sensse. This smart cleansing brush not only provides a truly thorough cleanse but also offers anti-aging abilities to the mix. Oh-so gentle to the skin yet effectively ridding your face of unwanted impurities, whilst simultaneously massaging around fine lines, the Sensse Cleansing Brush guarantees a rejuvenated and youthful luminosity. We literally cannot use this product enough!

9.Thera Pearl Eye Mask, £7.99, Amazon

Credit: amazon

For those with dry, puffy or tired eyes, the Thera Pearl Eye Mask will feel like a Godsend. Including small pearls in a reusable eye mask that can be heated or cooled, simply apply to the eye area to reduce the unwanted puffy-eye syndrome. Eyes will feel soothed and refreshed and puffiness is greatly reduced. Simple yet effective – we love!

Happy Shopping!

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