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Discover Ultimate Rejuvenation With WestLab

Discover ultimate rejuvenation with WestLab’s Himalayan Bathing Salt and Epsom Salt Muscle Spray. We checked out these two amazing natural products from WestLab. Read on:

1.Himalayan Bathing Salt With Seaweed, Rose and Lemon, £7.99, 1kg

WestLab provides a perfect blend of the finest mineral-rich salts with 100% natural and therapeutic ingredients to ensure your body and mind receive the ultimate bath time indulgence. An idyllic combination of calming aromatherapy and rejuvenating properties ensure your skin remains radiant and your mind feels refreshed.

Seaweed offers natural anti-aging benefits for the skin. Anti-inflammatory properties fight back against acne and red pimples on the skin.  The skin soaks up many toxins, causing the skin to appear dull. Seaweed is brimming with vital nutrients and minerals that thoroughly rejuvenate the skin, distinguishing those nasty toxins and restoring your body to one of smooth radiance!

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Cellulite affects practically everyone – there’s no getting away from it. However, the beauty about seaweed is that it allows the skin to become suppler and elastic, thus thwarting the spread of cellulite.

Furthermore, seaweed is loaded with essential fatty acids to offer a rich supply of moisture for the skin, then lock it into the skin, maintaining these amazing benefits of super hydration for longer!

Should you suffer from dry skin conditions, the rose extract ingredient will work miracles for your body. Packed with a rich assortment of antioxidants minerals and vitamins, rose essential oil will thoroughly moisturising, as well as treat your skin with a natural antiseptic and astringent and anti-inflammatory. Better yet, this fabulous component will refine skin texture, treat skin concerns such as psoriasis and dermatitis, heal wounds and even lower the levels of cortisol in the body.

Studies even show that this ingredient has a calming effect on the body, improving the mood and even fighting depression via its aromatherapy qualities.

When it comes to skincare, never underestimate the power of lemons. Rich in vitamin C, this component offers superior benefits for brightening and rejuvenating your skin. Lemon is also a natural antibacterial cleanser.

WestLab himalayan supersalt
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Key Benefits of Himalayan Bathing Salts With Seaweed, Lemon and Rose:

100% naturally cleansing for the body.

Leaves skin feeling toned and radiant.

Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Supports a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Helps balance body and mind.

2.WestLab Muscle Spray, 50ml, £6.95

Westlab spray
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If there is one product you should carry with you when exercising, WestLab’s Muscle Spray should be it. Combining natural yet highly effective spearmint and eucalyptus, this muscle spray offers exceptional and fast relief for muscle pain or soreness during and after exercise.

WestLab has included spearmint due to its antispasmodic qualities. This is highly beneficial in relieving muscle cramps or soreness, and will even soothe the discomfort of menstrual cramps.

Eucalyptus is combined for its array of health benefits such as:

Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiviral agent and antispasmodic.

Key Benefits:

Westlab Epsom Salt Muscle Spray handy size means you can carry it everywhere.

A natural and incredibly effective first aid for sore muscles.

Refreshing spearmint and eucalyptus offers a plethora of benefits.

Supports muscle recovery after sports and exercise.

Revives mind and body fatigue.

Soothes any tenderness after exercise.

To view and buy WestLab products visit: http://www.westlabsalts.co.uk

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