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Do You Know What’s In Your Makeup?

Today there is such a huge selection of cosmetics and skincare available that it is difficult to know which products are truly great for your skin and which ones to avoid. Many of us will assume they are all fit for purpose and pose no threat, but the truth is that some products contain ingredients that are actually harmful for the skin. Whether you are picking up a bottle of shampoo or your favourite mascara, it is important to check what ingredients are combined to ensure they are not detrimental for your skin or your health.

Additionally, those who are pregnant need to be extra cautious as some chemicals found in a few skincare products can have a direct impact on foetal development.

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Of course, natural skincare and makeup is preferable – but what do we do when the product we like the look of isn’t 100% organic? Fortunately, Beauty School Directory has come to our aid, providing an extensively researched list compiled as toxic cosmetics ‘Dirty Dozen’. This informs beauty product consumers just what ingredients to look out for when buying foundation, shampoo, skincare products and more.

When it comes to potentially harmful ingredients lurking in your makeup, Beauty School Directory state:

We’ll start with foundation. In one of the core products of applying a good makeup regimen you use foundation which can contain heavy metals & titanium dioxide. Eye shadow that gives those eyelids that beautiful pop you need can contain formaldehyde, titanium dioxide, heavy metals and mineral oils with impurities.”

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Apparently, even well-known toxic components such as arsenic, lead and mercury can be found in some items out there! If (like us) you find this surprising and want to know more about the ingredients that may be in your makeup or skincare products visit:

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