Do You Want Your Ex Back?

Let’s face it – love is a difficult thing. It’s even harder when you break up and your subconscious is forcing you to yearn for the past. Sure, you may be telling yourself its all for the best and even that you have moved on, but your actions are not quite as in sync with the rational part of your brain. The mind is tricky, and you may not be aware that you are still pining over the past. Do you really want your ex back? Here are 5 signs that say you do.

1.He’s still listed on your phone under his pet name.Iphone 5Your ex’s number can still be found under ‘love dumpling’ (Image source: Phonearena)

If your ex is still in your contact list under his pseudonym (pet name), then clearly you haven’t moved on.

2.You regularly check his social media profile.7448717958_1738735d85_b

                                       Are you stalking him via social media?

Once a couple has parted ways it is never a good idea to check out what he’s up to on social media; this will always end in trouble. If you are regularly checking up on him, there remains an unresolved issue of secretly wishing you were included in his latest Instagram posts.

3.You haven’t changed your Facebook status.Facebook status, 'it's complicated'

                                                            It’s complicated (Image source: Google)

If you have been separated for more than a few weeks, and you’re still down as ‘in a relationship,’ or ‘it’s complicated’ there just might be a problem.

4. You date a guy who looks decidedly familiar or has the same                                                                     Oops! (Image source: Eonline)

Do you remember the Friends episode where Rachel dates Russ who happened to be Ross’s doppelganger? Should this situation occur, you will probably have a good idea of where you’re at, since people will begin to ask if you want your ex back.

5. You stare longingly at your phonebigstock-Bored-woman-texting-on-her-mob-44747404

                                                     Put the phone down! (Image source: jonathonaslay)

Unless you have just bought the latest smartphone, there is no good reason for relentlessly staring at it for hours. No issues there!