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Down Those Tequila Shots. It Is Good For You!

You’re probably thinking this is the best news you have heard so far! It turns out that scientists have discovered an actual link between Tequila and weight loss. This is not because having a few round of tequila shots gets you livened up on the dance floor. It is actually, the effect of tequila on blood sugar levels, and actually discovered that sugars found in the agave plant – which is what tequila is made from – are non-digestible and therefore cannot raise your blood sugar level. The American Chemical Society researched.

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To further this evidence which you may think it is highly unbelievable. The study carries out further where researchers did tests on mice. They found that the mice who were given a standard diet followed by water containing agavins had a lesser appetite than those who weren’t given any agavins. They also had generally lower blood sugar levels, and were found to have the hormone GLP-1, which causes the stomach to feel fuller for longer. This shows that TEQUILA WINS in most cases!

Knowing this you are probably head over heels to hear this and you would not give a toss as to how much tequila you drink. So get going to the clubs and bars guys and have fun downing those shots!

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