Babor collagen boost infusion

Dr. Babor’s Lifting Cellular Collagen Boost Infusion Will Fully Rejuvenate Your Skin

Don’t allow sagging skin or wrinkles take over your life. Instead, you can now take back control and maintain your beautiful skin with Dr. Babor’s world-renowned Lifting Cellular Collagen Boost Infusion set.

The multi-award winning Dr. Babor’s cosmetics has earned global credibility for its highly effective skincare based on a combination of medical cosmeceuticals and extensive cosmetic research. Through Babor’s expert knowledge and by combining natural active ingredients, these skincare products achieve superior results, yet without the need to compromise a natural looking finish.

Babor’s Lifting Cellular Collagen Boost Infusion is designed as an intensive 4-week treatment to target signs of aging, acting as an intensive plumping treatment. By combining biometrics, this incredible kit will dramatically boost the skin’s natural collagen and elastin fiber in 3 advanced ways:

1.Active ECM Protect Complex

Collagen maintenance and production are crucial in ensuring the skin remains beautifully plump and youthful. Unfortunately, the inevitable onset of time takes its toll on the skin, and alas enzymatic degradation ensues, causing collagen to be lost. Fortunately, this advanced component protects the collagen in the extracellular matrix against such enzymatic degradation, preventing further loss of this priceless anti-aging protein. Additionally, ECM-Protect also offers exceptional properties to reduce the breakdown of elastin fibers, and in turn greatly supporting tissue strength. The outcome is warrior-like protection and essential skin strength.

2.Carnosine To Stabilizes and Support The Collagen Structure With Anti-Glycation Properties

Babor collagen boost infusion

Glycation is the process in which proteins bind with sugar in your bloodstream causing new harmful molecules to form. Too much glycation triggers (amongst other things) skin aging. Carnosine is included for its ability to stabilize collagen structure and to prevent glycation. This works in unison with ECM to provide super protection and strength, whilst thwarting the onset of any further damage.

3.New Formation Of Collagen And Elastin Fibers/Restructuring Collagen and Elastin Braids

Babor collagen infusion

Dr. Babor Lifting Cellular Collagen Boost Infusion offers incredible results. Containing a tripeptide-1 solution, this astounding formula will effectively stimulate collagen production. Hooray, no more wrinkles and without a needle in sight!

This kit works by treating wrinkles and sagging skin, providing you with an ultimately more firm, plump and smoother complexion.

Although Babor’s Lifting Cellular Collagen Boost Infusion is designed as a 4-week treatment plan, you will notice a significant improvement with 7 days of use.

Should you be concerned about aging skin and wrinkles, this is the firming serum of choice. This outstanding kit is suitable for all skin types.

For optimal results combine with other Babor Cellular skincare products. This treatment guarantees a practical face lift, blurs away lines and wrinkles and enhances skin firmness without the need for cosmetic procedures.

Babor Lifting Cellular Collagen Boost Infusion, is priced at £99 (4 x 7ml). Visit:

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