Drake And Amber Rose Dating?

It is hard to tell that Drake may or may not be dating. It is now Amber Rose’s turn to step up. Will she start going out more and be single or is it Drake she will be cozying up with at night time? Only time and Drake’s emotional song lyrics will tell. Just as we were getting used to the idea of Drake and Kendall Jenner getting together which now seems like that has changed since she has been roaming around in the yacht with Harry Styles. Page six of People magazine reports that Amber Rose and Drake are the most recent celebrity couple to get together.

Apparently Drake’s been “seen around” with Amber in Miami. This sounds extremely discreet and not in the ‘maybe they’re teaming up to fight crime’ kind of way. The couple were also spotted having a “very private” dinner on Friday night, hidden behind curtains. This is even more secretive! Furthermore, Hollywoodlife.com reports that they were seen together at Soho House where Drake put his arm around her! This seems like they are definitely getting close. Sources also state that the artist  has bought out the Edition bowling alley – complete with a full on ice rink ready for their next date. Which doesn’t help reduce our Drake thirst but does make us think that this relationship may be a next step to something else.

Image via maisonchaplin.blogspot.com (Amber for Vibe Magazine)
Image via maisonchaplin.blogspot.com (Amber for Vibe Magazine)
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