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Drinks To Avoid To Prevent A Hellish Hangover

Whilst the Christmas festivities end all too quickly, the aftermath consisting of the hangover lingers far longer than is ever deemed necessary. Make sure your New Year’s fun isn’t destroyed by a hideous morning after by avoiding these drinks:

According to the BMA, there are certain things we can do to limit potential hangover damage.

1.Clear Drinks Will Hurt Less.

A GF of Patsy drinking
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Bizarre, we know, but spirits such as gin and vodka contain fewer congeners (impurities caused by fermentation). Our bodies are not built to effectively deal with nasty chemical congeners of which contribute to the general feeling of almost dying the morning after. Hangovers are worse when you drink darker spirits, due to their high congener content.

2. Red Wine/Bitter

Unfortunately, the same rule applies here – bad news for those who enjoy excessive amounts of Merlot.


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There’s nothing more enjoyable than a vodka and coke, and sadly – there’s nothing worse (apart from maybe rum and coke). According to recent studies, carbonated and sugary drinks cause bloating, and a faster absorption of alcohol. This in turn results in high blood-alcohol levels and dehydration, leading to a hangover from hell in the morning.

4. Tannin

We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but if wine is you pleasure, consider the product’s tannin levels before you buy. If the drink has a high level of tannins, then you are going to suffer with a nasty headache in the morning.

5. Not The Champagne!

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We’re so sorry to break this to you, but champagne is one of the worst culprits for inducing a hangover. Carbon dioxide contributes to faster alcohol absorption, high blood/alcohol levels and dehydration. For fast fun opt for the champers but know that a headache will be unavoidable.

6. Take Electrolytes, Water And Vitamins

To limit dehydration, try to drink some water during your night out (and not just as a mixer). The next morning drink plenty of water with electrolytes, and take some vitamin B, magnesium and potassium – you will feel so much better for it, and the idea of going back out on the lash won’t be such a disturbing concept.