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Enjoy Affordable And Permanent Hair Removal With The SmoothSkin Bare IPL

Ladies, if you want permanent hair removal that is both fast, effective and on tap in the comfort of your own home, the SmoothSkin Bare IPL is the product to buy. The Smoothskin Bare IPL offers something unique and quite frankly, brilliant. It offers unlimited flashes, meaning endless usage; this device will never run out!

Furthermore, this awesome IPL product is super-fast, guaranteeing the treatment of a full leg to take just 4 minutes. We have heard nothing but great things about the SmoothSkin Bare, so we decided to check it out and let you know our findings. Read on:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) works by slowing down hair regrowth on both your body and face until it comes to a standstill.

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The SmoothSkin Bare operates on a low-intensity level, enabling it to recharge between flashes in just 0.6 seconds! This low intensity setting means that you can rest assured the device is completely safe to use. However, the real beauty lies in the fact that it is faster than Superman yet more effective than the majority of other hair removal devices.

Who Will The SmoothSkin Suit?

The low intensity level means that this device may not be suitable for everyone. It will be effective on black, brown/dark brown and dark blonde hair. Do not use if your natural hair colour is light blonde, red, grey or white. If in any doubt check the SmoothSkin website.

How Long Before Results Can Be Seen?

There’s no getting away from it –  hair removal takes can be time consuming, often with no end in sight. That said, unlike other products, this time-saving device is fast enough not to become a bind. Better yet, use the SmoothSkin weekly and within four treatments you will notice a reduction in problematic hair. With continual use, irksome hairs will be a thing of the past. Phew!

Is SmoothSkin Complicated to Operate?

This device is probably the simplest hair removal device available. Combining just one button, just one intensity level and unlimited flashes means hair removal has gone from being a hideous headache to no problem at all. We love!

There’s no doubt that this device provides outstanding results at an amazing value. Priced at a reasonable £179, the SmoothSkin Bare will ensure unlimited flashes for at least several years. Putting this into context, it is far cheaper than laser, shaving, threading and waxing, offers permanent silky-smooth skin and you don’t need to leave the house!

The SmoothSkin Bare comes in various shades including; black, black and white, blue, nude and pink.

The SmoothSkin Bare includes:

SmoothSkin Bare IPL device

Power pack and mains cable

User manual

Quick start guide

Support programme offer.


Always do a patch test.

Avoid using after recent tanning (this includes self-tans).

After treating your skin apply an SPF.

To buy and view this incredible device click here.


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