Ensure Your Complexion Maintains Perfection This Autumn With Inner Senses Reset Facial Elixir

Make sure you prepare your skin for the ensuing autumnal weather with a natural facial oil. One brand who never lets us down is Inner Senses. Their new RESET Beauty Potentiating Facial Elixir is one of our all-time favourite products for tackling stressed, tired and lacklustre skin and replacing it with hydrated and rejuvenated beauty.

Those who take skincare seriously know that facial oils are a hugely beneficial addition to a daily routine. Moisturisers and serums are important and facial oils/elixirs will make your beauty regime complete. We love Inner Senses’ RESET Facial Elixir as it is specially formulated to provide a first-line defence against the effects of pollutants and stress.

This 100% natural elixir is loaded with antioxidants that are proven to thwart the signs of aging. The inclusion of schisandra fruit C02 extract (a potent adaptogen used in Chinese medicine for centuries for improving the skin’s resistance to physiological and environmental stress), makes this a truly unique formula. Through continued use the outcome is a firmer, smoother complexion that boasts a youthful glow. Get ready to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and smile!

Key Ingredients/Benefits:

1.Baobab Seed Oil:

Brimming with vitamins A and F, this component offers rich nourishment and intense anti-aging qualities for your skin.

2.Camellia Seed Oil:

When it comes to skincare, the Koreans rarely get it wrong and with the camellia flower they have hit the nail on the head for great results.

3.Cucumber Oil:

Cucumber oil is rich in linoleic acid as well as a plethora of other nutrients – making this extremely beneficial for nourishing, soothing and protecting the skin.

4.Moringa Seed Oil:

moringa seed
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Sourced from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera Tree, this component is highly regarded for its beauty enhancing benefits. Packed with phytonutrients and having high antioxidant value, this ingredient delivers outstanding anti-aging results, slows down further signs of aging and protects against free radical damage. Additionally, this oil is a fantastic skin purifier and therefore will achieve incredibly clear and naturally glowing skin.

5.Pomegranate Seed Oil:

We’ve mentioned the benefits of pomegranates many times – when it comes to anti-aging, this really is a superfruit! Studies have shown this fruit can reduce pigmentation and wrinkles and may even inhibit the growth of skin cancers. Wow!

6.Prickly pear:

Credit: www.wikipedia.org

The prickly pear offers an array of benefits for the body both inside and out. When applied topically this fruit hydrates, nourishes and helps to prevent fine lines from appearing. This ingredient has great anti-inflammatory properties too.

7.Rosehip Seed Oil:

This incredible component is brimming with essential fatty acids and antioxidants of which are vital for aiding cell regeneration. Rosehip oil can even aid in improving the appearance of scars.

8.Schisandra Fruit Extract:

Credit: www.innersenses.co.uk

Inner Senses has cleverly combined this outstanding fruit extract within their RESET Facial Elixir, due to the fact that schisandra has been used for centuries for its remarkable skin repairing and protective benefits. Schisandra works in unison with the other outstanding components to achieve a remarkably radiant and youthful complexion that is highly protected.

We tried Inner Senses RESET for 3 weeks. This advanced formula prohibits the effects of environmental pollutants and stress to leave your complexion looking incredibly rejuvenated and smooth. Result: We LOVE!

RESET is 97% organic and 100% natural. 

Inner Senses RESET Potentiating Facial Elixir is priced at £52 (30ml). To buy, visit: www.innersenses.co.uk


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