dented tongue cleaner

Ensure Your Smile Stays Bright With DenTek

Should you be planning a summer wedding, make sure that on your big day, your smile is every bit as incredible as Meghan’s with a little help from DenTek.

DenTek is an outstanding yet totally affordable oral health care brand that helps you achieve and maintain the optimal health of your teeth, tongue and gums, ensuring you look and feel amazing all-day long. DenTek specialise in interdental brushes, floss picks and tongue brush cleaners – all of which successfully remove unwanted plaque and dreaded bad breath, so you can smile with pride once more.

Beautiful and healthy teeth should always be a priority; this can easily be achieved with the following products from DenTek:

1.DenTek Whitening Silky Floss Picks, £6,


These simple yet highly effective floss picks are clinically proven to remove plaque and food (as successfully as dental floss) whilst providing a long-lasting freshness.

2.DenTek OraBrush Tongue Cleaner, £5.20,

dented tongue cleaner

Did you know that the residue that builds up on your tongue is responsible for generating that awful odour? Often difficult to detect on your own – however, should people take a step back when speaking to you, this is a sure sign there may be a problem. Certain foods, illness and medications can all play a part in this unwanted problem – but it is easily solved! DenTek’s OraBrush Tongue Cleaner works to quickly diminish this pesky residue from your tongue, keeping your breath clean and fresh.

Dented tongue cleaner

3.DenTek Sensitive Extra Gentle Easy Brush Cleaners, £4,


Should you suffer from gum sensitivity and tightly packed teeth or wear braces, these Extra Gentle Brush Cleaners are a must-have. They are the softest interdental cleaners that thwart tooth decay and bad breath. These cleaners effectively remove food and plaque, whilst the fluoride coated wire slides between even the tightest teeth and is so gentle on super-sensitive gums.

Key Benefits:

Durable tapered brush perfect for tight spots and braces.

Comfortable bendy wire allowing better access.

Gentle on teeth and gums.

Fluoride coating.

Minty flavour

Antimicrobial cap to keep brush clean.


To view and buy the brilliant DenTek products, visit: visit your local Boots store.



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