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Euphoria’s Fashion Transformation

Euphoria Season 2 premiered in January and it has been a ride. With 3 more episodes to go, it just keeps getting more intense. Aside from the actual drama, what drew so many people into the original season was the fashion and makeup. And with Season 2, it just keeps getting better. Euphoria’s fashion has always reflected the inner changes and even turmoil of the characters. Here are how both the characters of Euphoria and fashion has transformed this season.


Euphoria cast maddy fashion

Out of all the characters, Maddy’s fashion and style is the most consistent. This could be due to her confidence in herself and the difference between other characters. Although Maddy has developed since Season 1, she is still very much the same Maddy. Known as the ‘IT’ girl, with her YK2 inspired fashion, Maddy is the most comfortable with herself. Her looks are the most recognizable throughout both Season 1 and 2. She knows exactly who she is and not much could challenge that.

The only person who could and has challenged Maddy’s elusive coolness is Nate. Back in Season 2, after Nate attacked Maddy her style completely changed, highlighting the trauma she was experiencing at the time. Since then, Season 2 Maddy has been sporting more darker and mature clothing to demonstrate the slight shift in character. She is channelling her more confrontational side, which is highlighted by the darker tones and sharp, bold liner.


Euphoria cast Cassie fashion

Cassie is definitely going through it this season of Euphoria. To say Cassie is struggling would be an understatement. Her fashion this season demonstrated her growing emotional instability. In one episode she seems to dress as herself, Maddy and Jules – all just to impress Nate. Throughout this montage of outfits, the only outfit that does grab Nate’s attention is when she is dressed almost exactly like Maddy. Interesting. She has morphed into a completely different version of herself, one that even she isn’t sure of. Her Dolly Parton inspired look is absolutely fabulous. This coincides with the resurgence of country aesthetics, something that is trendy right now. She may have some questionable ethics, but she’s going to look good.


Euphoria cast Kat fashion

Kat’s Season 1 style was one of the most iconic in Euphoria history. Although this season her fashion choices are more subtle, that can’t take away the icon that she is. Kat is still wearing dark fashion, however the BDSM inspired looks have disappeared and been replaced with a far more mature look. She is now seen wearing some really cool, sexy pieces. She seems far more comfortable in herself, however her relationship with Ethan demonstrates that she isn’t quite happy. Her daytime looks seem to be heavily 90s inspired, drawing inspiration from Drew Barrymore. Kat is still empowered as a plus size woman, but in a slightly different way. Kat no longer needs the bright, red lipstick or leather to prove she is in a better place.



When we are first introduced to Jules, she embodies femininity. She is hyper-feminine – wearing pastels, pleated skirts and cropped baby tees. It’s interesting that she also embodied everything Nate wanted in a girl. However, during that time she was struggling with her identity. Since this time, Jules has realised she has framed her womanhood around the male gaze and she even stated she isn’t interested in men anymore. This transformation started back at the end of Season 1. Jules is seen with darker streaks in hair and dones edgier makeup in the last episode. In Season 2, she has embraced her own personal style and is now rejecting any markers of conventional womanhood. Her hair is cut into a nice, blunt bob and she now wears less makeup. Jules is also wearing androgynous pieces with a slightly darker colour palette. She has now claimed her own femininity for herself.



Lexi’s style is one that has become a fan favourite in Euphoria. Lexi has seemed to come into both herself and her own style this season. Her outfits have been described as ‘conservative’ and quite ‘bookish’. Everyone’s style on the show is unique, but Lexi’s is the most refreshing. She is seen wearing lots of feminine and intellectual brands, such as Miu Miu. Lexi also has the most costumes this season, signifying her development and major role in Season 2. Although she doesn’t take a lot of fashion risks, her style is versatile and classic. She doesn’t have a definitive style, wearing lots of different pieces, which highlights how she is still finding herself.

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