Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Dentist and Facial Aesthetics Expert, Mr Yiannis Valilas

Mr Yiannis Valilas is a leading dentist and facial aesthetician. Yiannis’ extensive experience, knowledge and training combined with his passion to educate his clients whilst providing them with the correct treatment to enhance their natural features makes Mr Valilas well respected and much sought-after in his field of work. Mr Yiannis covers a wide range of highly beneficial treatments such as: advanced wrinkle management, dermal fillers, lip enhancement, chemical peels, mesotherapy, skin rejuvenation and many more. We met with Yiannis to discover more about his thoughts on facial aesthetics, skincare tips and more.

1.In addition to being much sought-after in the field of restorative dentistry, you have earned a reputation for being a world-renowned and highly respected facial aesthetician. What led you to pursue these goals, and have you always wanted to work in this field?

“My dream was to join a school of fine arts, but at the same time I always loved medicine, too. So i wanted to find a way/field to combine both and therefore came up with the idea of studying dentistry.
So I became a dentist, but I never thought I would work in the field of aesthetics. I began connecting the dots between dentistry and facial aesthetics – there were some cases where I would restore the smile which makes such a difference on the lower third of the face. But there was always something missing such as problems with wrinkles etc. So by combining dentistry with facial aesthetics I can make a huge difference to peoples’ confidence and happiness, and that’s why Nu Face, London was born.”

2.These days, guys too, are tuning into the benefits of aesthetic procedures. How much of your clientele list consists of men and which procedure would you deem to be a solid favourite?

“Most of my clients are men – up to 80-85%. The most common procedure is Botox, which I would call Guy-tox. Botox is so simple, gives fast results and makes people instantly fresh.”

3.Which brands and treatments would you recommend, and are there any particular products or treatments you would advise against?

“I would always advise against products that are not FDA approved. I tend to stick to products that I know are safe and effective and produce great results. I use Obagi products which is very popular with dermatologists. I truly believe in these products and get a lot of satisfaction using them. The other brand I really like is SkinCeuticals.”

4.You have been working in this industry for the past 13 years and in that time you have achieved a great deal. What plans have you got for the future? What’s next for you?

Yiannis Valilas
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“Right now my life is 50% dentistry and 50% facial aesthetics; I do love both. Right now I work from 9 different clinics and I have just begun my own clinic, Nu Face, London. In the near future my plan would be to grow my business, hold a clinic in London for 3-4 days, move my brand to Spain and combine living/working in Spain and working in London.”

5.With non-surgical cosmetic procedures growing evermore popular, there appears to be a demand for unnecessary treatments that sometimes are administered by untrained technicians. Have you ever had to restore a client’s features following such treatments, and what are your views on this?

“I do not feel confident jumping in to someone else’s treatment, because I do not know the full story. When I do not have the clinical notes or what material has been injected, it makes things a little tricky. I would always advise clients not to be afraid to go back and express your feelings, and take it from there. Then they can come to me if this does not work.”

6.Which skincare products would you recommend for ladies in their twenties?

“For me, there are two vital ingredients – vitamin C and retinol. Both Obagi and ZO have amazing results. This is just not for females, it’s great for men, too.”

7.Which dermal filler would best suit ladies in their thirties?

” I do not think age should be solely the only criteria in order to choose a filler. You should base your treatment plan on the client’s concerns and on what is missing. What are their needs and also their expectations? So it depends not solely on age but the area of the face that you wish to restore. However, to answer the question if I do not have to deal with restoring something I would veer towards hydrating the skin with Juvederm or Teosyal.”

8.As such a globally respected aesthetician, your clientele list will undoubtedly include a long list of celebrities. Have you ever had to turn down a celebrity for an unnecessary procedure?

“I always give my honest opinions to my clients and I always treat each person as if they were my mother or myself. If someone asks me to do something I am not comfortable with as it will change the features, then I am very apprehensive. I want to help people age well. I love everyone’s features, they are unique and my aim is to enhance them.”

9.What would be your top 3 skincare tips?

“To treat your skin well you must prepare it. Use a good cleanser and toner. This allows the skin to receive more effective penetration of other ingredients. So, preparation, stimulation (with retinol) and protection such as SPF and antioxidants.”

To discover more about Mr Yannis Valilas’ treatments at Nu Face, London, visit: http://www.nufacelondon.com

Telephone: 020 8334 0125

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