Exercises For Every Body Misdemeanour

Do you struggle to lose that stubborn belly fat, which just won’t budge? Or perhaps you wish your bingo wings would up and fly away. Read on to find exercises for every body misdemeanour and discover how to rid yourself of irksome body fat for good.

1. Stomach fat 

Stomach fat can be one of the most troublesome body misdemeanours. Fortunately we have found the perfect exercises to target and diminish this fat – you with the best beach body in town before you know it.

Picture of a woman squatting
Squat for flatter tum

Squats are an amazing exercise technique to remove extra stomach fat. Not only will they do this, but they will simultaneously work on thigh and hip fat too! Try 20 squats, rest, and repeat once a day.

The best way to tone up your tum is to compound exercises of which target the same group of muscles. The bicycle technique together with squats will quickly shed dreaded stomach fat from the top, middle, and lower areas of your abs.

To do the bicycle, lie on your back, putting your hands behind your head. Using your abs, raise your knees to about 45degrees. Pedal your feet (as if on a bike) whilst bringing your left elbow to meet the right knee, then swap to the right elbow and left knee. Continue 10-15 times,

2. Bingo wings

These workouts are specifically designed for flabby wings (or triceps). Get rid of them for good by adding press-ups and bench dips to your exercise routine. We all know what press-ups are, but is everyone familiar with bench dips?

Bench dip your body beautiful!
Bench dip your body beautiful!

Sit on a sturdy chair with your hands holding on to the edges on each side. Move your feet forwards, lifting your bum off the chair. With knees bent at 90 degrees, and hip width apart, lower your body towards the floor, by bending your arms to almost a 90-degree angle. Repeat 10-20 times

3. Saddle bags, wobbly thighs and saggy bums.

No one wants these – and the good news is no one has to have them.

Try this exercise to tone up all of those extra wobbly bits, and keep yourself beautifully lifted.

Lie on the floor on your side, with your right foot and ankle resting on a chair. Raise your left leg up until it touches the underneath of the chair. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, and then lower your leg. Repeat 10 times for each leg.

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