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Fast and quick secret ways to lose weight

There are way too many articles online sharing secrets. Whether it’s social media or posts shared about secret ways to lose weight, pills or even celebrity weight loss surgery secrets. There are a lot of secret weapons that are always waiting on you and your insecurities to pull you in. Take all of that away and it’s pretty simple.

Drink Water. Exercise regularly. Eat Clean

This is a known fact. Drink at least 1 litre of water every day, be more active and eat healthy food while avoiding processed food they say.

The right mind set, a good attitude towards life, as well as avoid stress will not only help your diet but also, the way you feel in general. The trouble is, it does not get the attention that it deserves because it costs practically nothing.

However, people in this day and age are looking for something new. The internet, apps and social media sell anything and some people fall for it.

Fast thing to losing weight or having a healthy glow and all the rest of the so-called miracle supplements these brands try to sell. So many people fall for words such as “secret weapons” that apparently helps you lose weight and fast! We do not live in a fairy tale world where these things come true! (Surprise, surprise!).

Fruits and Vegetables

Healthy living fruits and veg

Nutritionist, Daisy Estephane told FRUK: “Before eating in the morning you should drink 500ml, (pint) of water, preferably warm, although it may not suit your taste buds, this habit can help cleanse digestion by clearing out toxins, improving blood circulation and also aid bloating and constipation.

Keeping your body to function normally is important and drinking water on an empty stomach does have many benefits.” This is a habit that we will all be getting ourselves used to henceforth


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So, next time you come across a before and after picture on social media of a person that is happy with the “weight loss pills” they apparently are taking! Just remember that this person probably eats healthy and drinks water regularly throughout the day and does exercises that benefits their body type.