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Find Out What His After-Sex Vibes Really Mean

Ever wondered why your date is holding onto you for dear life, or has jumped up and got dressed by the time you return from the bathroom? You can actually work out what’s going on in his head by studying his behaviour straight after sex. Read on to discover what his after-sex vibes really mean.

1. The one who gets dressed in 30 seconds flat?

If your date has jumped into his clothes and to the door just as quickly as he jumped into bed, this is a pretty good indicator that it is just sex on his mind – not a relationship. Should this happen more than once, it’s a sure fire signal that commitment is not his thing.

2. The cuddle guy

He cuddles!
He cuddles!

Does he want to cuddle up to you, post-sex? This behaviour demonstrates the man’s desire to preserve the moment for a little longer. He may want more than a simple booty call.

3. Mr Distant

Is the man in question normally chatty? If this is the case, he may be concerned about his performance, or perhaps he is dis-satisfied. Should you have another sexual encounter with this guy and he does it again, he is probably a bit insecure. The other possibility is he wants to make it clear he does not want a commitment. If he is distant when you are out of the bedroom, then I am afraid he is most likely not interested.

4. Mr Snooze

B3K34X Man lying in bed sleeping
B3K34X Man lying in bed sleeping

Men are wired differently. Sex releases dopamine (the feel-good hormones), which is then followed by a surge of the hormone oxytocin, which in turn can make him sleepy. There is no need to worry if your man falls to sleep straight after sex. Cuddle up to him and get some naptime too.

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