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Post-Lockdown Dining: Our Favourite Hidden Gems

Fine dining. Yes , if you’re a serial foodie you know how much the temporary closure of restaurants lockdown imposed hurt our palates very much. Put your hand up if you haven’t indulged in any form of takeaway in the meantime? Yup, we thought so. And now put your hand up if all you REALLY wanted was some fine dining somewhere fancy, with your fingers wrapped around a champagne flute? Yes?

Well my dear foodie friend, it’s finally that time. Here lies the hidden gems we have oh so carefully selected for your rearing-to-go taste buds. Enjoy

Citi Terrace

Based in Canterbury, Kent. The lively Citi Terrace has opened its doors to the public again. Live DJ, colorful cocktails, a fusion menu that will overwhelm your senses; this gem has it all for the foodie that wants to enjoy a good tune while sipping on something strong. Their website offers the option to book a table to secure your long awaited dining experience and finally indulge in fine dining.

The Fresh Summer Delight and the Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sandwich are excellent light dishes to be enjoyed in their outdoor lounge. If you however are looking a something more filling, then we highly recommend the crispy chicken & waffle or the creamy mushroom chicken. We weren’t able to finish any of those but oh boy! Check out their desserts if you have a sweet tooth, our personal favorites being the red velvet cheesecake and the tiramisu’. They’ll be sure help you forget all about your lockdown woes.

The Ivy in the Park

ivy restaurant

If you’re into the spirit of the Swinging Sixties and want to celebrate the end of lockdown while you get lost in the taste of its seasonal dishes and famous records, then this gem is the one for you. This stunning restaurant offers the perfect space for exciting brunches and lazy lunches with estranged friends. Make sure to take the opportunity to relax in their visually intriguing private rooms. We recommend the Butterfly Room if you’re a fan of smoothies, mini pastries and English breakfasts. Their private dining menus are jam-packed with tasty starters, classic mains as well as fine drinks we believe you deserve after the constant takeaways and cooking for the kids.

Oliver’s Bar & Restaurant

Located in the heart of Rochester, this gem is perfect for an al fresco light meal with friends and family. Salmon, crab cakes, fruit salad and lemon posset are among the many simple but mouth watering delicacies their French/British fusion menu offers. To finish off, we’d recommend an amaretto cheesecake with ice cream or an Assam tea & chocolate infused panna cotta. If you’re a vegetarian, fear not! There are mains and salads specifically made with you in mind. Halloumi & Watermelon; Beetroot & Orange salad; these are a must try for the health conscious, adventurous foodies.

Rodizio Rico

Big fan of Brazilian cuisine? Then let your taste buds dance along with the exotics flavors this gem has to offer. A selection of prime cut meats accompanied by a glass of Latin red wine of your choice; gourmet salads and Brazilian street food is all there for you to enjoy. Celebrate the end of lockdown with sizzling cocktails with a Brazilian touch and boozie desserts, courtesy of this. Sounds good, then call up your estranged friends and experience some South American goodness!

Rodizio Rico Restaurant

Shozna Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine

Last but not least, we have Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine for all those foodies who can’t wait to indulge in Asian fine dining. We find ourselves once again in the streets of dear ol’ Rochester, where this hidden gem finally opened its doors again to the public last month. So, we took advantage. With its stunning décor and lighting, the menu sure was inviting (see what we did there?). In the upstairs dining room, chef Jay takes care of everything! The restaurant promises only freshly ground spices and seasonal produce in all its dishes. You should go ahead and try out a mixed starter followed by the gorgeously made pan grilled duck breast, served with an orange, honey and gran masala sauce.

Are you drooling yet? Well, my dear foodie, get booking !

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