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For Ultimate Pampering Try Timeless Truth Fusion Sheet Masks

Due to their effectiveness and simplicity, Timeless Truth Sheet masks have overtaken conventional face masks in the beauty industry. Worldwide popularity led us to review the sheet masks and they were so good we decided to check out their Fusion range. Here’s what we think:

The magic of Timeless Truth Fusion Facial Beauty Masks lies within the fact that their beneficial properties in freeze dried powdered form are entrenched in the cloth and immersed in the serum. This facial is provided in double strength as once applied, the skin’s warmth aids to the dissolving of the powder. The combination of these two features allows for boundless absorption and impact.

1.Multipeptide Calming Revitalising Facial Beauty Mask, £4.90

Multipeptide Calming mask
          Sourced via: truths.co.uk

If you are in search of a product that actively restores and revitalizes your skin’s natural radiance, and regenerates tissue cells, this is the sheet mask for you. This mask adopts the latest scientific research – Embedded in the cloth is a pink powder containing negative ions, of which raises circulation thus helping to relax any facial tension.

Sheet masks
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The result being this lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles by firming the skin whilst relaxing tense muscle. Furthermore this mask includes Q10, and therefore promotes exceptional skin elasticity, hydration, and prohibits the onset of photo aging. The multipeptide mask enhances a beautifully soft, and radiant complexion, and is great for sensitive skin.

Upon application, you can actually feel the mask working its magic. Following the treatment, the skin feels 10x softer, and there is a definite improvement to firmness and radiance.

2.Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask, £4.90

T Truths herbal immortelle mask
            Sourced via: truths.co.uk

This mask is fabulous for targeting dry, blemished, and aging skin. Timeless truths select Functionality Cloth together with Immortelle extract and a luxuriant herbal infusion ensures the skin will be hydrated, nurtured, and rejuvenated. This amazing mask aids cellular stimulation, thus providing a smoother and more toned visage.

immortelle flower
                Sourced via: realgreatskin.com

The Immortelle flower sourced from the Mediterranean is well known for its healing properties, and skin cell regenerating capabilities; making this an exemplary mask for treating aging, dehydrated, and dry skin problems.

After using the Herbal mask, the skin feels silky soft and looks incredible!

All Timeless Truth Sheet Masks are available to view at: www.ttmasks.co.uk.

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