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We caught up with beauty, fashion and travel blogger, Natascha Cox. Natasha has over 85,000 followers and has collaborated with huge brands including; Asos and River Island. Read on to find out about Natascha’s amazing life, how she has achieved this, and her future goals.

Having over 85,000 followers is an incredible feat. How long did it take you to build up this following, and how did you do it? It took me around a year which really isn’t long. I wasn’t really on my social media game in the early stages though. Building and maintaining a following takes a lot of hard work. The key is being engaged and adding new content. Content is key!

You’ve collaborated with big brands such as Asos, Adidas, Next, and River Island to name a few. What are your plans for 2017? I am hoping 2017 will be a big year for me. I have some huge magazine features coming out which I can’t wait to see. I will be aiming to do a clothing collaboration or maybe a line of beauty by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

You are the ambassador for the charity, ‘girls out aloud’ which supports teenage girls become more confident through various programmes. Can you tell us a little more about this? I really wanted to work with a charity close to my heart. I really went off the rails as a teenager myself so when I read about the very basic but really effective programs that Girls Out Loud were running, I knew that it was a charity I wanted to support.

I am all about empowerment and supporting other women. Their goal is to help girls feel more confident in themselves and I love that.

Teenage girls often feel under pressure to look a certain way and are often the victims of bullying. What are your thoughts on this? I hate it. I just don’t see why you would want to make someone feel bad about themselves. It sucks that teenagers have to deal with all the hormones and minefields of becoming an adult without also having to feel like they aren’t good enough. Kids need to be educated more and loose that feeling of embarrassment that they aren’t acting ‘cool’ enough. It’s ok to just do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Do you network with other beauty, fashion or travel bloggers, and who woud be your favourite two bloggers, and why? I tend to see other bloggers at a lot of events and love talking ‘work’ with them. It’s great to get tips and hear the gossip from other girls who are doing what you’re doing.

To be honest I try not to read or look at other blogs that much as I worry that I’ll loose my own style. I love following people like Iskra Lawerence and Gaby Gregg on Instagram though.  

Blogging and writing are in the top 5 most sought after careers. What advice would you offer others who wish to pursue a blogging career? Just go for it. Start a blog and that way you can write whatever you want. It’s also a great way to showcase your talent to employers if you do want to write for a magazine.

Your successful blogging career focuses on beauty, fashion, and travel. Which aspect of your job do you love the most, and why? Although I do love all three, I love the travel the most. Who wouldn’t! I look at the world as though it’s there to be explored and I will travel all over it before I die. I love the sea and I love food so that’s pretty much me when I’m away.

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