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A Full Fridge To Fix Your Face

For anyone who hasn’t heard of cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Youn, the term ‘Fridge Facelift’ may sound a little bizarre. The cosmetic surgeon turned author created the expression in 2014, when he stated that injectables are not always necessary, as it is possible to acquire a more plump, rejuvenated, and younger looking face from the contents of your fridge.

If you have two weeks left until pay day and your purse is looking hideously empty, forget saving up for that aesthetic appointment. Simply ensure you have the following items in stock.

1.Chemical Peel A La Apple

Apple juice and apples
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There’s no need for a pricey chemical peel. Dr. Youn advises a mixture of apple juice with egg whites. Apple juice contains the ingredient malic acid, a natural exfoliator. The chemical peel will not only rejuvenate and smooth the skin, but it also tightens pores. Yay!

2.Avocado Mask

half of an avocado
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If you want to give your face a super boost of nutrients, whilst providing an organic way to immerse your visage in antioxidants that fight skin destroying free radicals, look no further than your fruit shelf. Avocados are brimming with nutritional benefits to protect and revitalise your skin. Simply mash an avocado and use it as you would a facemask.

3.Pucker Up With Pepper

Capsicum that becomes cayenne pepper
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This does sound rather unappealing, but not quite as scary as having a needle inserted into your lip. If you are lusting after a fuller pout, according to Dr. Moun all you need is some Cayenne pepper. Sprinkle some on your lip-gloss and spread over your lips. The tingling sensation is your lips telling you that your circulation has increased, bringing blood to the surface of the lips, thus providing a limp plumping effect that could do a Pepsi challenge with Kylie Jenner’s Lip Plumping Kit any day of the week!

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