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George Michael’s Generosity Knew No Bounds

George Michael died on Christmas morning. He was aged 53. Since then fans and friends have taken to social media to share their condolences. Most of us know of George’s generosity in some form or another – but not many of us will be aware of the extent to which he helped others – apparently his generosity knew no bounds. Here are just some of the many ways George Michael was a genuinely lovely guy.

1.He Rang This Morning Show And Donated Thousands Of Pounds

During a phone-in set up to help sick children in need, the singer called in live on air and donated thousands of pounds, but insisting he remain anonymous.

2.He Left A £25,000 Cheque For A Stranger 

Upon overhearing a stranger in a café weeping over debt, the star secretly left behind a £25,000 cheque.

3.He Donated 15k To A Deal Or No Deal Contestant For IVF Treatment.

George was big fan of the game show, Deal or No Deal. During one show he learned of a couple who needed £15,000 for IVF treatment. George called in and (once again anonymously) donated this amount.

4.He Kept Children’s Charities Afloat Using His Personal Money.

Former presenter at Capital, Mick Brown, tweeted: “Every Easter at Capital when I was on air with Chris Tarrant for help a London child, George would call in at 3.30pm with a £100,000 donation.”

George Michael was an exceptional man whom donated large amounts of his money to individuals and charities whenever and wherever he could. Additionally, he worked tirelessly at homeless shelters, gave time to the Macmillan Cancer trust and performed free concerts.

Michael’s publicist released a statement from Michael’s close family and friends who thanked fans for their ‘Many, many kind words’. They added, “We thank those who, rightly, have chosen to celebrate his life and legacy.”

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Mr George Michael was a genuinely caring and giving soul – the world has lost a great man.