Pink Quartz
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Get In On The Latest Celebrity Crystal Craze

Crystals have become a huge trend amongst celebrities, and following the recent revelation that Victoria Beckhman believes in and the power of crystals, and has supplied each of her team with a crystal stone, means this craze is set to reach new heights.

Adele, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry are just a few celebrities who recognize the importance of crystals. Collectors, designers and healers alike, utilize crystals for their potential customers. If you want to get in on the crystal craze, find out which ones are popular among the stars, and what positive properties are attributed to them, read on. Believe us, there is a crystal for just about every desire.


Crystal rhodochrosite
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Many celebrities like this crystal as it is said to develop self-love.


Victoria Beckham
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Stars such as VB love tourmaline for its supposed ability to transform negative energy, as well as ward off negativity. Victoria beckham prides herself on being positive and surrounding herself with like-minded people. Steering clear of negativity is paramount, making this a priceless crystal to own.

3.Rose Quartz

Katy Perry
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Not merely for the purpose of self-love, but also believed to attract men, rose quartz is beloved by many including Katy Perry. Perhaps we could all do with one of these crystals in our purse.

4.Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz
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Well-known for attracting positive energy, this is another crystal VB wouldn’t be without.

5.Clear Quartz: Known as the perfect jewel, this crystal prism provides a light in which you can find the entire colour spectrum. This crystal is the most common, yet probably the most valued, for its provision of energy and positivity. Australian model, Miranda Kerr certainly agrees – she even has a wand made from this crystal and rose quartz.


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Another crystal much loved by celebrities, amethyst draws in creativity and spirituality.

Whatever your beliefs, these crystals certainly do no harm to the awesome lives of the celebrities who use them. Just nipping to the nearest spirituality shop – BRB!