Sun Believable tan accelerator
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Get The Perfect Tan With Sun Believable

Let’s face it – who doesn’t want an amazing tan this summer? Sun Believable Accelerate Me Tan Accelerator will ensure you get a beautifully bronzed tan that you will want to show off all summer long!

If you are sick of the streakiness of fake tan, but are one of those people that get easily burnt, then peels before going white once more, this is the product for you. Leighton Denny has launched a new product to take away all your tanning woes. Sun Believable Accelerate Me Tan Accelerator is the perfect answer to your prayers.

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It cleverly prepares the skin prior to getting in some serious sun-time, ensuring that you acquire a deep, rich, but natural-looking tan, which lasts longer than any other tan.

Including well-researched ingredients, Acetyl tyrosine, and Riboflavin boosts the production of your skin’s natural melanin. This results in providing your skin with optimum preparation, so that once you step out into the sun, your tan will begin to develop.

Sun Believable tan accelerator
           Sourced via: Sun Believable

Furthermore, Sun Believable combines nurturing Aloe Vera, which will give your skin the best hydrating, moisturising, and soothing treatment possible, for your after-sun care.

Although suitable for all skin types, this tan accelerator is ideal for fair skin. For optimum results apply the accelerator lotion twice a day for 10 days before going on holiday, or in the sun for any length of time.

It is important to ensure tan accelerator is not an SPF, therefore you must ensure you are protected with a high-factor sun cream once you have applied Sun-Believable Tan Accelerator.

Extensive research has been conducted in order to produce the highly effective tan accelerator. Sun Believable Accelerate Me Tan Accelerator contains specifically formulated ingredients to promote a perfect tan that lasts. This product is fragrant, lightweight, non-sticky, and works miracles to create the bronze everyone craves.

Sun Believable Accelerate Me Tan Accelerator is available to buy at and costs £15 (200ml).

Information on all of Leighton Denny’s Sun Believable products are available to view at:

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