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Get Your Beautiful Skin Ready For Summer

Spring is already here, and summer is fast approaching. This is the perfect time to get our bodies in perfect condition for the beach. So ditch those thermals – the following body treatments will provide you with beautiful skin in time for the summer.

1.  Rejuvenating body wrap/herbal wrap

A wrap is the perfect skin treatment to prepare us for beach-beautiful bodies. A rejuvenating herbal wrap is one of the best treatments available. Not only can it reduce hip, thigh and waist size, but will also lessen unsightly cellulite, tone the skin, greatly improving the skin’s overall complexion. Approximately 8 treatments are recommended in order to achieve optimal results. Other excellent treatments worth investing in include hydrating wraps.

2. .Enjoy some spa therapy

Why not pamper yourself! Take your friend on a relaxing trip to a spa and enjoy a day of relaxing and uplifting treatments. Spas offer an extensive array of procedures, designed to make you body beautiful whilst helping you to unwind.

3. Brush, exfoliate and wax for beautiful skin.

In preparation for summer attire, it is essential that you do these three things. Failing to do so will result in dry, dull, and unappealing skin. Invest in a good body brush and exfoliator. Not only will brushing and exfoliating boost circulation, but these methods will get rid of your dead skin cells, encourage cell renewal, thus revitalising and rejuvenating the skin. It is recommended you brush and exfoliate once maybe twice a week.

Waxing is an important part of any beauty routine. Waxing will leave your skin hair-free and soft for up to 6 weeks. To produce the best results, exfoliate the day before you wax. A word of warning – home waxing can be exceptionally messy, time consuming and most of all ineffective. Unless you are well adept to the art of waxing, it is recommended you visit your local beauty salon.

4. Never forget the benefits of moisturisers and water.

These two very simple treatments are largely over-looked. Our bodies contain more than 80% water, of which needs to be constantly replenished. Do not forget to top up water supplies on a daily basis, and never, ever forget the power of using an SPF moisturiser. Uv rays can damage your skin even on cloudy days, so it is important to invest in a moisturiser with an SPF 15 or more.

5. Gradual tanners

Gradual tanners are a great way to ease into a summer glow without the fear of looking like you’ve had an unfortunate incident with a box of orange juice. There are some fabulous products on the market such as tinted or gradual tan moisturisers, which will provide you with a beautifully moisturised and radiant glow.

6. Firm up those flabby areas

Nothing looks worse on the beach than saddlebags or bingo wings. Take steps now to eliminate the irksome flabby areas, and by summer you will look and feel amazing!

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