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Greece is a Perfect Travel Destination

Why not take a trip to Greece and experience the beautiful islands and culture? It’s an amazing country filled with beauty and life. Known for the beautiful beaches and has an ancient background history.

Greece is not just another typical country in Europe, like Spain and Italy. On the contrary, Greece is extremely different. They have their own tradition and culture. As well as several amazing islands surrounding the country. Believe it or not, it is one of the most popular celebrity spots. It is definitely a must visit so add it on your to do list!

Santorini Greece

The whitewashed houses, turquoise waters and romantic sunset. Greece is know for its mediterranean vibe and myth. Greek Islands are considered the most popular sea destination in Europe. But with more than 5,000 islands and islets, we obviously have our favourites. Santorini, Paxi, Mykonos, Tilos, Ikaria, Skiros, Gavdos, and Milos are just a few of the most beautiful Islands in Greece.

Ever wondered what the food is like in Greece? It is to die for! One of the popular foods is the, Souvlaki. Now this is similar to a kebab but it is slightly different. It can be made with lamb, chicken or pork. Wrapped in a pitta bread with salad, tzatziki (a traditional greek sauce) and chips. Or maybe the luscious Kamikazi cocktail mightiest tempt you.

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Looks delicious and mouth watering right? Well, there are many things that you could try out there however it is for you to experience when you go there yourself. If you want to visit the Acropolis that is in the central of Greece, the city called, Athens, an historical building which you must see and take lots of photos.