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Be Hair-Free With The Tria Laser 4x Deluxe Kit

The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Deluxe Kit is dubbed as one of the best at home laser hair removal kits on the market. Read on to discover what makes the Tria Laser 4x Deluxe Kit so successful.

Professional hair removal is pricey, and if you want to treat several areas, the cost can be astronomical. For the fraction of the price, you can relax in the knowledge that this is all you will ever need to pay, regardless of how many areas you choose to zap!

The pigment in hair absorbs the light, thus becoming disabled and unable to regrow. After several treatments the hair follicle under the skin’s surface is destroyed, without causing damage to the skin.

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It will take a couple of days following treatment before the pesky hairs fall out. Furthermore, as with all laser devices, it will take several sessions of treatment before you can rejoice at the fact you no longer need to shave your legs. This is because each irksome hair has a separate growth cycle.

Laser treatment does take a little time, but so does everything in life worth having! The Tria Laser 4x (like all lasers) will kill off the hair follicle forever (or until the body eventually decides to produce new follicles).

Maintenance every now and then is not too much of a problem – you can whip out the handy little device and zap them into touch!

Is The Tria Laser 4x Safe?

Tria laser 4x
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Until the launch of the Tria Laser 4x, if you wanted long-term freedom from unwanted body or facial hair, you would have to pay extortionate prices from a trained physician. A laser used improperly can result in skin looking so bad you no longer care about any hair.

The FDA-approved Tria 4x is an outstanding device that boasts totally safe, yet permanent hair removal.

1.Diode Laser Technology

Although this laser doesn’t come with the same strength as the ones found in clinics, it will permanently remove hair with the efficiency of a professional device, by using a slightly more moderated version of the diode laser.

2.5 Settings

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The Tria comes with 5 settings. Laser treatment will slightly sting, but for optimum results use the device on the highest possible setting you can handle. Included in the kit is Tria’s Smoothstart Calming Gel. This should be applied before use to ensure the skin stays calm and comfortable throughout the treatment. Formulated with Indian plant extracts, this gel will soothe even the most sensitive skin types!


The Tria Laser 4x is unlike the huge machines found in clinics. It comes as an easy-to-use hand-held device to target specific hair follicles with exceptional precision. This laser is so compact, you can even take it on holiday!

4.Groundbreaking Technology

To activate the Tria you are required to turn it on and unlock it by swiping your hand underneath the device. This ingenious design offers a built-in technology to read your skin tone, determine appropriate settings, therefore preventing any potential skin burns/damage.

5.Pulse Counter Technology

Tria hair removal
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This device includes a digital display with a pulse counter that enables you to keep track of the amount of delivered pulses, thus ensuring accuracy and optimum results.

6.Clinically Proven

This incredible product has undergone extensive research and is clinically proven to deliver permanent hair removal. Within 3 months the hair follicle (and razors) will be redundant.

Overall, women achieve up to 90% hair removal, making the Tria Laser 4x an incredible gadget of which far surpasses any other at-home hair removal device.

Fruk Loves The Tria Laser 4x!

The stats are out! Fruk are officially team Tria. Within a few sessions hair is significantly reduced. After 10 sessions you will be jumping for joy at the lack of troublesome hair (without the lack of money).

Does The Tria Work For Everyone?

One point to remember is that the laser works best for people with darker hair and to medium skin tone. As with all laser technology, those with a darker skin tone may not achieve effective results.

The Tria Laser 4x Deluxe Kit is priced at £390, and is currently on offer at £332. To view and buy this product, visit:

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