Has Contouring Gone Too Far?

In case you’ve been actively avoiding beauty trends for the last year, contouring has been taken to extreme new levels. It’s no longer just for the face, with makeup gurus using the technique to sculpt abs, cleavage and collarbones. A Dubai-based beauty blogger has added to the list of contouring tricks, sharing a tutorial on how to use makeup to slim the back of the neck. Huda Heidi Kattan, known as Huda Beauty to her 11 million fans, posted the tutorial to her Instagram account last week, which has so far received over 75,000 likes. But despite achieving incredible success among fans, the video has been slammed by many social media users, accusing the trend as being ‘unnecessary’ and ‘ridiculous’.

Instagram / mwhairstyles
Instagram / mwhairstyles

The look is created by drawing two vertical stripes on each side of the nape of the neck, roughly about 10cm apart, using a bronzer that’s slightly darker than the skin tone. These lines are then blended in using a powder brush to ensure they appear subtle. A light foundation is then applied to the centre of the neck, drawn in another vertical line, and blended thoroughly.

Instagram / mwhairstyles
Instagram / mwhairstyles

With most Instagram users sharing their appreciation of the video, many users have commented on the video saying the contouring craze has ‘gone too far’ and ‘is just getting ridiculous now’. Several other followers sarcastically talked about contouring other parts of the body, saying ‘What the hell might as well contour our bingo arms as well’ and ‘We just contouring our entire bodies now?’.

Fans of Huda’s makeup tutorials know her for her unusual makeup techniques. The beauty guru has previously shared a tutorial in which she stuck matte Sellotape across her cheeks, forehead and nose in order to create sharper contouring. Other videos include Huda demonstrating how to create multi-coloured hair, and how to highlight using pink, green and yellow foundation.  With fans impressed with each unique tutorial, Huda regularly accumulates thousands of likes and comments on each video. Although this may not be one of Huda’s most well-received videos, makeup is a creative art form, and the stunning swanlike effect of neck contouring looks beautiful paired with an elegant ballerina bun.



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