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HIV Is On The Rise

HIV Is On The Rise; Due to the fact that national AIDS day was only few days ago, it is national HIV testing week, and in the wake of Charlie Sheen’s HIV status announcement -we thought we’d write a follow-up article on the topic. Worrying statistics have been released, showing HIV to be on the rise. What is more concerning is the fact hat HIV still carries a lot stigma today. Being self-aware and practicing safe sex has never been so important. This article will dispel the myths and give you the facts.

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HIV is a virus, of which affects the immune system. Without treatment, this virus gradually eats away at the immune system, making the sufferer open to all infections. It can be passed on congenitally, (through birth), via shared needles through drug use, and sex. The statement that HIV can only be passed in homosexual relationships is a myth.

man and woman in bed with condom
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Previously, diagnoses meant that inevitably, people developed full-blown AIDS, and died. Nowadays, however, HIV is extremely manageable. People who are diagnosed today can still live full healthy lives.

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Statistics have just been released showing the most cases to be people born with HIV, and women over 50. With early testing, diagnoses and treatment can not only prevent the death sentence, but enable people to practically diminish all signs of the virus is paramount. Health professionals insist that this is a needless illness, and with correct procedures in place, we can eventually eradicate this awful virus altogether.

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Therefore it is so important to stop the stigma, normalise the process of testing so we can begin the process of eradicating aids for good. There should be no ignorance when it comes to your health, its time for everyone to step up and become responsible.

The HIV test is a small blood test. The more sexual partners you have the more frequently you should take the test. On average once every four years for a single person is acceptable.

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