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The Hollywood Browzer Is a Hair Removal Game Changer!

Ladies, is hair removal the bane of your life? The Hollywood Browzer is here to save the day! You can now forget the daily woe of depilatory creams, tweezers and expensive laser treatments – the Hollywood Browzer will take care of your unwanted hair needs in seconds!

Hollywood A-listers and makeup artists around the world use the Hollywood Browzer as their go-to beauty tool for fast and simple eyebrow shaping and hair removal. This discreet little tool can be kept in your makeup bag for any little hair emergency. Without causing irritation or taking ridiculous amounts of time (as with tweezers) makes the Hollywood Browzer a #1 hair removal tool!

Key Facts:

1.No Pain, Total Game – Changer!

The Hollywood Browzer should not cause any discomfort whatsoever – if it does, this means you are using it incorrectly! Always use at 45-degree angle, using short and soft strokes. If the hair does not come off in the first instance, ensure you hold the area of skin firmly, so the tool can glide seamlessly across the skin.

2.Can Be Used On Sensitive Skin

Hollywood browser
Credit: hollywoodbrowzer.com

Even those with the most delicate and sensitive skin can benefit from the Hollywood Browzer. Consider the application as you would a comb.

3.Treat Multiple Areas

The Hollywood Browzer can be used for eyebrows, facial hair, hairline, peach fuzz, bikini line and anywhere else you may find those wretched stray hairs.


The Browzer is suitable for both men and women.

5.Frequent Usage

You do not need to worry about overuse – this fabulous beauty tool can be used as and when required.

6.No Change In Hair Structure

Using the Browzer does not cause the structure of the hair to change and therefore will not cause the hair to regrow coarser or thicker.

7.The Browzer Lasts For 2-3 Months

The Browzer should be changed every 2-3 months. Cheaper than razors and well worth it for fast and simple peace of mind.

8.Can Be used On Tattoos

Should you have a problem with hair growth on tattoos, the Hollywood Browzer will be an ideal product to use.

9.Browzer Care

Ensure you keep your Browzer in optimal condition by wiping clean with a tissue after each use.


For further guidance, check out the tutorial at: www.hollywoodbrowzer.com.

The Hollywood Browzer includes two Browzers and one protective pouch and is priced at £15.

To grab one of these life changing beauty tools, visit: http://www.hollywoodbrowzer.com

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