Creme de la mer regenerating serum

How Good Are Stem Cell Face Creams?

The latest breakthrough in skincare technology has hit the market, packaged as stem cell face creams. This is not quite as crazy as snail serums, as behind these creams; there appears to be a rational theory for skin repair.

All organisms that are multicellular, such as; plants and animals contain stem cells, and these are a vital part in the process of cell/tissue renewal. Applying creams that contain these extracts, derived from plants, helps promote the production of your skin’s stem cells thus; encouraging skin regeneration.

They are also derived from plants, but, live stem cells cannot be maintained in face creams, so instead the extracts that contain their main compounds (like ellagic acid or quercetin) are included. Studies suggest that these creams have the ability to encourage the production of collagen. However, there’s ongoing research to firmly establish whether these creams can enhance the work of the skin’s stem cells to create regeneration.

That said, it might be worth a try. If you choose to give it a go, here are a couple of high-end treatments currently available:

1. Zelens Stem Complex Rejuvenating Overnight Treatment (£185 for 50mls)

Zelens Stem Complex rejuvenating overnight treatment

2. Crème De La Mer, The Regenerating Serum (£275 per 30mls)

Creme de la mer regenerating serum

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