How To Cope With An Overbearing Boss

Few of us are lucky enough to go through our work lives without experiencing the annoyance or difficulty of an overbearing boss. If you wake up thinking about how you can most efficiently deal with an overbearing boss, then it is time to find a solution. Read on to discover the usual issues arising from an unreasonable boss, and the best ways to deal with the unwanted situation without resorting to quitting your job!

1. Asking for you to complete unnecessary projects

Picture of woman giving project to another woman
Unrealistic demands

You must be brave. Man up, and firmly communicate the details of what is being asked of you. Listen to your boss’s demands and then repeat them back to him/her. By doing this your boss will hear the stream of tasks of which he/she has requested.

2. Expecting you to work overtime, all the time

Businesswoman writing something on a note at Outdo
Too much overtime can be a pain in the ass!

High expectations come with boss territory, but some bosses go way overboard, insisting you complete tasks of which are so out of touch with any time zone that you would need the Tardis to complete them in time. Being nice does not change anything. You have to learn their personality and how to deal with it. Be firm, stand your ground, and learn how to say no.

3. Unreasonable deadlines

over (1)A little pressure can be healthy and inspire productivity, but too much will bring stress levels way above acceptable levels, and bring workers to their knees. Try to understand the reasons behind your boss’s high expectations. Taking into consideration any deadlines your boss may have that could cause him to put the strain on you. If this is a frequent problem, perhaps you may be able to request your own assistant to help you with the extensive workload.

If this is not a feasible option, request a meeting with your boss to prioritise the assigned tasks. On hearing the list of insurmountable requests, do not merely nod your head, and then leave the office in panic mode. Instead, agree job priorities and realistic deadlines with your boss, making a note of them before leaving the office. This will allow you to breathe and feel sane once more.

Image sources: Dreamtime, Time