How to Dress for Autumn 2020

So we are officially on the last days of summer and we can definitely tell that this Autumn is going to hit hard with the weather going from 0 to 100. It’s probably best to start packing those summer clothes away and start investing in some Autumn/Winter essentials. As we know autumn can be warm or sometimes unbelievably cold. So how exactly are we going to dress for it? Keep reading for this season’s comfiest, fashionable fits. You also still have a couple of days left of summer, so make the most out of it!

la redoute trench

Suede Double-Breasted Trench Coat with Pockets and Belt

Keep yourself warm with this beautiful suede trench coat, perfect for any occasion you may have in Autumn.

La Redoute


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Ashton Jumpsuit 

You can’t go wrong with black, literally goes with anything and can be warn any season. Leather has started to make a come back during the last months of summer, make sure it’s part of your Autumn looks.



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Chloe boots

Chloe Black Betty Rubber Boots

Who’s missed boots? Literally the comfiest kind of shoe there is! Doesn’t this Chloe boot look amazing. This is definitely a Autumn/Winter must have.



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zara co ords

Knitted Coordinate Sets

Co-ords have been a thing for the past two years, mainly with summer outfits. We are living for these knitted co ords to wear when the weather is breezy.

Top, £49.99

Skirt, £49.99

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Oversized Blazers

Blazers have never been more in fashion and they’re suitable for any season, winter, summer, autumn- you name it.


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Quilted Jackets

From Barbour to Fendi. These types of jackets are 100% going to keep you warm for this season.


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Leather Jacket

As well as the stylish leather jumpsuit, you should definitely invest in a leather jacket for Autumn. Keeping stylish and warm at the same time.


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We’ve spent most of summer in lockdown. Hopefully our Autumn is much better than our summer, so more of a reason to invest in some chic clothing. We’ve got to make the most out of the remaining 3 months left of this year!

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