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How To Dump Your Man (The Pain-Free Way)

Most of us will reach the awkward point, at some stage or another, when we want to finish with our no longer significant other, but  struggle to find a painless way to do it.

Avoid the unnecessary and ugly mess of an uncomfortable situation, by discovering pain-free ways to dump your man.

1. By text

By Text

Treat this situation the same as ripping off a plaster. (No, I don’t mean by having a soak in the bath). If your man is particularly clingy, or you know the announcement will quickly turn into a Greek tragedy, the best way is definitely not face-to-face. In which case, text although slightly cowardly, is a very good idea.

2. Over the phone

One thing you must avoid in this scenario is using social media as your tool. Using Facebook or Snap chat could end in public humiliation. So, unless your man deserves to be subjected to this much embarrassment (on top of the pain of losing you), stick to a brief, to the point phone call.

3. Email


If you choose this method to dump your man, you need to be sure that he will receive the mail, and that it does not end up in his spam folder. Today’s Dear John letters come in the form of email, so, if you are certain he will pick up the message, and you want to wimp out of a gruesome one-on-one, email is the perfect tactic.

4. By letter

Dear John
Dear John

This slightly old-fashioned actual ‘dear John’ letter method is great if you can spare a few days for the postie to deliver your bad news. With this form of rejection consider whether your fella lives with other people, and you must be sure that your letter will reach the right person. (You must also have faith in the Royal Mail).

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